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Alexey Romanov

1529.37 (18,640th)
117,912 (559th)
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Title Δ
Kotlin. How to implement internal interface in open class? 0.00
Kotlin: Child Constructor Passing Default Value to Parent 0.00
Reduce the output layer size from XLTransformers 0.00
Conditional nullable return type in kotlin 0.00
Casting __fp16 to float fails to link on Clang 9 0.00
Incompatible type error when overriding type bounds 0.00
Map return type from input generic type in Kotlin 0.00
In Kotlin, if I declare a Class in a fun method, then what is the C... 0.00
How to export some functions from another package in Kotlin? 0.00
Surprising PartialFunction literal 0.00
Using type parameter from class declaration like reified type param... 0.00
Is the concept of equal subsets a fallacy? 0.00
calling <reified T> inline functions from a class 0.00
Use an abstract value in a superclass constructor in Kotlin 0.00
Pass values as parameters if not null or empty Kotlin 0.00
Q: Idiomatic way to check if any of variable is not null in Kotlin 0.00
How to store subList operation on an ArrayList in another ArrayList... 0.00
Why can’t I use val inside Plugins {}? 0.00
how to fix this Unsafe use of a nullable receiver of type Array? 0.00
How to correctly find native lib path in Android? 0.00
What is the “and” and “or” Operator in Kotlin? 0.00
Scala case class copy doesn't always work with `_` existential... 0.00
byte byteVar = 100 works but int intVar = 100L results in compilati... 0.00
What happens when a constructor of an abstract class is private in... 0.00
Does Scala even have statements? 0.00
Why doesn't filter method do a smart-cast on the object in the... +1.21
How to take out Nothing out of inferred type -1.72
Accessing fields of trait of an object instance +0.46
Chess BitBoards in kotlin. Which datatype? 0.00
Scala - Not enough arguments for method count +2.09
How will implicitly expand the definition 0.00
Kotlin complains about incorrect type despite lambda matching the s... 0.00
Access inner class Parent KType reflectivly in kotlin -0.56
When and why to Lift a Function +1.97
Scala Yeild returning Try[Either[]] rather then Either -2.25
Why are MutableLiveData variables declared with equals sign (=)? +0.70
Scala Cast Issues : java.lang.String cannot be cast to scala.runtim... 0.00
Why Kotlin submission is significantly slow compared to Java? +0.22
Kotlin generic interface resolver -0.28
MongoDB getList("field-name",; produc... 0.00
Singleton and Companion Objects are made how, are they instances? -0.38
Are Android Kotlin modules the same as Java packages? 0.00
Scala - Optional Arguments without requiring user to input Some(...) +2.07
Best way to call a generic function n times with n types 0.00
As I am defining classes in scala, The controls is then not going i... -1.91
To have lombok @Value, @NoArgsConstructor, @AllArgsConstructor toge... -0.53
How to import unmanaged dependencies into code +0.46
Maybe constructing data from Maybes -1.69
Why do I have to cast in this Kotlin code? -0.46
Select case class based on String in Scala +1.85