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Alexey Romanov

1520.06 (31,784th)
117,912 (559th)
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Title Δ
how return array from function in Kotlin -1.88
Problem with Kotlin reordering LinkedHashMap keys 0.00
Kotlin: Incompatible types: String and Int -0.13
How to properly define an extension function in Typescript? 0.00
How to write a Kotlinesque extension function in Typescript? +1.89
In predicate logic, is there a word for a term that must be true in... 0.00
Kotlin - Import Jar and Use Class -2.03
Can I add static extension fun for third-party class in kotlin? +1.18
What is Core Erlang's `letrec` for? 0.00
Why 'onShowFileChooser' overrides nothing? 0.00
How to initialise LinkedList<T> with parameters in Kotlin 0.00
Can I use all features of java time library with Android Sdk<=26 -0.11
Why as? doesn't cast the variable inside the if block? +1.45
How can I compute the Cartesian product of a vector with itself N t... 0.00
Are Kotlin lambdas the same as Java lambdas under the hood? 0.00
Sealed case object vs Enumeratum and issue of serialization in scala +1.75
Does scala perform optimisations in chained functions? +1.77
Rust unable to infer return type for generic trait impl -0.34
Does SQLite actually support DATE type? -0.70
Intersection types with Covariance -1.53
Initialise val in Kotlin from a method in init block 0.00
How to put a ULong to a ByteBuffer in Kotlin 0.00
Understanding Erlang List Comprehension Generators +1.31
How can Rust Rocket deduce return types wrapped in Results/Options? +2.26
How to set default type in Scala Numeric Generic Function? 0.00
How can I create an instance of KClass<MutableList<Foo<*&g... 0.00
How to cast generic type after isAssignableFrom check in Kotlin? 0.00
Why does Rust compiler not detecting an unused-borrowed reference? +0.48
A Rust closure that takes a trait as argument -1.70
When to use keyword return in Scala 0.00
Haskell Implicit parameters and polymorphic recursion -1.39
Call the function overrided in the override function -2.43
Using reflection to verify all instances of a trait have a unique f... 0.00
Erlang exclude type from supertype -0.40
Is there any way to declare T in constructor in Kotlin? 0.00
Intuitionistic Propositional Logic 0.00
How can I override onCurrentListChanged of ListAdapter with Kotlin? 0.00
Need help to understand difference between two usages of unordered_... 0.00
Why use the word 'generic' in lifetime parameters? -1.78
How to implement an enum case with 'OR"? -1.19
How should I create subtypes of Int in Scala? -1.36
Why is an array of lambdas created instead of an array of strings? +0.20
Is there anything wrong in this Generic Interface or Kotlin compile... -0.53
How to get Methods from KClass in Kotlin -1.65
Force version of transitive dependency (dependency of dependency) w... 0.00
Make public class open internally but closed externally kotlin -1.22
Use-site vs declaration-site difference in type projections in Kotlin +1.87
Scala: Expression, Value, Type 0.00
Make constrained functions a typeclass instance -0.82
Kotlin calculator can't remove double .0 in the end -0.03