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Harun Diluka Heshan

1474.51 (4,385,686th)
769 (190,604th)
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Title Δ
Automatic controller detection in asp .net core +0.12
Every random number just once in an array -3.73
jQuery card flip requires two clicks to work -0.60
Why is the ng-repeat working when it was not called? +0.25
How do I recongize an empty JSON object in JS returned by my Rails... +4.30
How to covert JSON data into an array to plot a chart? +4.32
how to use count clause when their is max clause involved in the cl... 0.00
How would I use nested for loops to make a solid rectangle out of a... -1.67
ng-click not working in ng-repeat -1.30
Deleting HTML Elements in JavaScript to avoid memory leaks +4.13
Background Image Problems +0.10
Retrieving selected option angularJS with ng-repeat +4.30
Can´t get Javascript to remove css property -3.63
error message tooltip not visible -3.16
get return value of last expression -3.04
for loop in document.getElementsByName in HTML -1.97
jquery selecting input boxes in table 'td' until next '... -1.63
Conditional operator using a int value -3.16
jQuery.fn.extend() - Cannot retrieve matched elements from methods... 0.00
Unclickable layered element, Z-Index not working -1.47
Regex, Remove duplicate paths from delimited string -0.34
Why does image.src == "file.png" not return true with loc... -1.86
jQuery .hide() works, but won't .show() +3.90
How to make bottom curve less then half in html +0.25
Invalid or unexpected token using post method to firebase database -2.12
Javascript Compiler Error in Google Tag Manager 0.00
Replacing a number found on multiple instances in div element with... -2.22
Move content table from iframe to another table outside iframe 0.00
Jquery .uniqueId() assigns a widget an id thats already used -2.98
clearInterval and window.reload not working for Timer -1.87
How do I grab a value from an input in javascript? -1.85
Show image next to cursor on hover -2.05
Automatic printing after form submission +0.08
Divs created in Javascript don't appear +3.34
TypeError undefined when trying to get cookie object thru arrayList -3.71
How to convert object containing Objects into array of arrays? -0.16
How to show input data inside modal body? 0.00
How to click/tap & swipe right on image with JavaScript +4.04
jQuery - If all elements have same class +3.73
Revert a filter invert() CSS rule -3.30
Add new button with autocomplete list at bottom of the suggestion l... 0.00
Simple javascript eventlistener not working? +3.64
Using If and else statements to determine whether user inputted num... -0.51
how do i make the password and username tabs centerd to eachother -1.14
height 100% in flex -3.37
Replace function in JavaScript By variable +4.21
How to apply ng-if for text box +4.20
jquery resizable stops me editing my div 0.00
How to bold text using regex in javascript -1.30
Filter users by data-attribute Jquery -2.81