An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1546.87 (8,938th)
1,756 (94,458th)
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Title Δ
Group By and Sum Horizontally 0.00
Using OR Operator inside count() function in Python +0.59
Converting float64 to 1 as int, naan to 0 as int +1.60
Python get windows temp directory full path -0.06
Can a neural network accept an object (i.e. not numerical nor strin... 0.00
Is preallocating a list more efficient? 0.00
Sorting dictionaries elements by its numbers in descending order -1.14
Pass windows environmental variables to dockerized python app +2.25
Matrix exponentiation without numpy 0.00
Transforming vector to matrix -1.83
How do I update Set in Dictionary for only one Key? (Python) +0.87
Saving a txt file into a folder in the same folder as the cpp file... 0.00
How to have a question stop being asked once a variable goes beyond... -0.56
Is there a way to prevent duplicates of an item in a list? -1.14
How to use initial argument inside itertools.accumulate? 0.00
Python: insert 68 empty strings into a list -1.13
how do I merge this two data frames? 0.00
Python: Matrix exponential from equation 0.00
How to get only 2 key values from the list of dictionaries? +1.42
Understanding how closure works in python 0.00
Put a list of tuples into one tuple separated by comma to export in... -0.07
Check if Tree is BST using stack and inorder traversal 0.00
methods for optimising list comprehension or alternatives +2.86
Whats the purpose of encoding if I cannot use it in predict 0.00
How to delete duplicates in Google Sheet with two conditions 0.00
Flitering Previous Index with List Comprehension in Python +1.70
How to merge multiple json/ python dictionaries into 1 dataframe 0.00
How to find pair of numbers whose xor ==n 0.00
Get averages of lists in a dictionary 0.00
broken CJK data when reading ISO-8859-1 file in python 0.00
How to specify input_shape in Conv2D layer in Tensor Flow 2.0, keras 0.00
Find string in documents lines and then take the value from one of... -0.19
ImportError: Cannot import name monotonic -1.37
Python - Cancel task in asyncio? -1.44
Simultaneous run of python loops from cron -0.57
Extract a string after a text with regex in Python -0.70
Return index and values as dictionary +0.43
Excel to pandas computation possibilities 0.00
Leetcode question '3Sum' algorithm exceeds time limit, look... +0.09
Segmentation fault in CS50 (2020) recovery program +0.89
Replacing non-UTF-8 from a string +0.23
Permanently saving train data in google colab +0.44
Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 error displayed... -0.60
For loop not catching all items in list for function -0.07
`pip install --upgrade pip` vs. `python -m pip install --upgrade pip` -0.63
Unable to use patoolib after 'pip3 install patool' 0.00
How to create a dictionary from a string in python +0.42
Get key/value in an object inside an array based on knowing other k... 0.00
Converting string to a datetime when the string doesn't match a... +1.18
Why is my output returning "None None" when creating a di... 0.00