An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1807.10 (7th)
458,614 (74th)
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Title Δ
Boolean AND and OR operations +3.62
Buggy floating point handling in Visual Studio? 0.00
Enumeration type with some same values +1.68
What's a Good Way to Test that Identifiers aren't Being Truncated a... -4.87
a few bugs while executing the program 0.00
Question about C syntax 0.00
Parallelizing large loops and improving cache accesses 0.00
C - Find the size of structure +1.31
File reading problem +3.34
For loop output in C +3.50
How much memory do I need to allocate for an array of X strings of... +3.11
How to measure accurately execution time (when < 1 ms) 0.00
Mean of Very Small Values +2.36
how to find function boundaries in binary code +2.89
Can this C loop be optimized further? +4.69
why the performance of strcpy in glibc is worse? -3.25
Determine the sign of a 32 bit int +3.03
Designing Around a Large Number of Discrete Functions in C -0.78
Floating point arithmetic -- mantissa and exponent 0.00
OpenMP - Running parallel code inside parallel code 0.00
How can i get CPU and Mainboard serial number with Qt/C++? +3.31
printf not printing the correct values +3.80
Prefetching Examples? +3.44
Organize cross-platform C/C++ project -1.57
Problem with fopen and the windows console 0.00
Can I assign multiple threads to a code section in OpenMP? 0.00
Below C code is valid or not? -0.37
How to I operate on int arrays declared using malloc? +3.64
Is using hardware performance counters a good idea -0.08
Compatibility between 2 structs +1.11
Error detection and error correction algorithm -0.39
Fastest way to share data between processors residing on different... -0.27
Identifying which logical core is hyperthreaded and which one is not +1.78
clock() accuracy 0.00
c++: I want 2, 4, 6 to display... instead I think address numbers a... +1.67
Bitshift to multiply by any number +4.41
Why does the first printf take longer? +2.82
Where can I find script that convert VC++ inline assembler to intri... +1.88
Aligning to cache line and knowing the cache line size -4.44
32 bit applications on 64 bit OS ( windows ) 0.00
long and long long bit-length +3.58
Writing a piece of C code such that compiler uses SSE4.1 instructio... +5.15
SSE micro-optimization instruction order -0.42
How to select one of n objects at random without knowing n at first? -1.22
How will this code will work on a big endian machine? +3.67
Bailey–Borwein–Plouffe formula implementation in C++? +0.23
Measuring NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access). No observable asymmetry... +4.07
1D Fast Convolution without FFT +2.25
simplifying code via refactoring -1.18
How to check if a CPU supports the SSE3 instruction set? 0.00