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Emilio Garavaglia

1461.49 (4,527,725th)
16,748 (8,298th)
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Title Δ
Stuck in infinite loop after comparing two strings 0.00
Why are some destructors not called in this example -0.26
how start a program in pacticular directory in c++ +0.35
How to call a function with a different string starting points? -0.49
What is the rationale behind returning unique addresses for allocat... +0.55
How are std::arrays of smart pointers initialized? 0.00
C++: Program "Not Responding" When Executed +0.56
Reading text file, apostrophe displayed as \325 0.00
How to run multiple threads in C++ code +0.07
send text to the input line console c++ 0.00
C++ Check if whole string is uppercase +1.48
Recursion in shared pointers while variable is defined in the class +0.58
Why does a function parameter call a constructor with an argument? -0.47
How to make unordered_map<string*, V> hash by value instead o... -0.43
when we return a c++ container like vector,list. What happens? -1.47
Sorting 1 million numbers with only 100k memory cells -0.67
2 computers give different outputs 0.00
Why is the last line of my input file running twice? -1.15
complex.h for other compilers than a win32 target, such as code com... +0.50
std::ios::binary or std::ifstream::binary and similar? +0.88
What is the advantage of creating node using typedef? 0.00
Is it undefined behavior to refer to class members in an initialise... -1.42
toString function or (std::string) cast overload in c++ 0.00
I am writing a code to convert lowercase letters to uppercase lette... +0.24
Practical applications of operator overloading? 0.00
C++ structs and arrays on stack and heap, values, references, and d... 0.00
Heap corruption detected error in VS, but working fine with other IDE -0.41
Can't access member varialbes or methods from reference -1.49
finding sine and cosine values of an angle in c++ +0.98
deleting a pointer issue -0.48
Callback concept and normal calling +2.01
Is forwarding function calls to a member bad practice? -0.45
C++ char pointer to char variable +2.48
Is it legal to cast to enum values not representable by enum? -0.72
First attempt at makefiles -0.78
Differences between overloading operators c++ -0.93
Is it generally a good idea for a compiler/interpreter to create fu... -1.27
C++ Overload index operator for more than one array/vector +0.05
Why is r-value reference constructor called in this case? -0.84
Can I initialize an array using the std::initializer_list instead o... -0.82
Values past valid pointer to C-Style string +1.01
How to deal the null pointer without exit? -1.77
A C++ issue with multiple inheritance, templates and static variables +0.55
winapi entry point without WinMain -1.00
Adding null character after string computation -0.73
Why is "while (*sea++ = *river++);" not working as it sho... +0.42
Why must a function, declared as friend in Class A, be defined as a... +2.07
Is mixing the old and new C++ function syntax in a class allowed? +2.15
C++ Virtual Inheritance +0.04
Best STL containers to avoid heap fragmentation 0.00