An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Udo E.

1489.15 (4,304,642nd)
740 (196,673rd)
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Title Δ
populating textarea with javascript, adding line breaks -4.31
jQuery / Javascript - get all images that are loaded -1.94
Cannot save last four digits of the card to database -1.68
How to toggle a div that is hidden on page load +4.90
Not Able to detect Dynamically Changed Input -4.00
How to calculate percentage with simple JavaScript code +4.17
How to stop empty input fields from affecting javascript calculation -3.27
Ajax redirection with message +4.10
how to add noticafion after i click on an action after clicking on... +0.08
Upload json/shp/kml/kmz file and convert it into geojson 0.00
Fire javascript event on form with dynamically added class using jQ... +0.02
Does event listeners means host elements too? 0.00
Target everything in a class except the next element? 0.00
Adding an element in negative index of an array? 0.00
how to detect click outside of push menu and close menu 0.00
Loop through all children of an div 0.00
convert normal array in nested array with php 0.00
Trying to open a new window and create elements inside it 0.00
Multiple Update statements on a single row at exactly same time -2.40
Ajax Call Back and Laravel -2.37
PHP save Class in other File and call it from another class +3.81
Composer requires php version 7 -> -2.09
POST without Submit and Fill Input Field With The Temporary Data Fr... +4.12
How to create callback function using Ajax? 0.00
Laravel EventListener doesn't fire -1.87
How to animate each element's jquery function before moving to... 0.00
Measuring the execution time of any piece of code in PHP, getting n... 0.00
How to populate input with jquery on-click -0.13
Using @error directive to target the previous input field from mult... +4.40
How to use a value of an input text in javascript -0.45
Laravel Store function ignored on production server -3.86
Error cloning a Laravel Installation into Homestead - is it a datab... +0.12
removing P texts that doesn't have the text INPUT value -2.04
Reported height of DIV is changing upon refresh with Javascript/Jqu... 0.00
Connection refused - Laravel, remote database +0.07
laravel update json query +0.09
Why does JQuery's addClass method work in localhost, but not on... -4.00
Calling a Javascript function at the end of a 'setInterval' -2.94
Is using Laravel packages more efficient than manually implementing... +3.92
How to close navigation bar when I click on other contents in the w... -1.54
How to get foreign key name of loaded relationship using laravel el... -0.21
Laravel 5.8 : Email verification link leads to a 403 error +0.02
animate div height one after the other onload javascript -1.95
jQuery list check .each only works on last item +4.00
In PHP/Laravel, what is the proper term for what "Model::class... +0.51
TypeError: Cannot read property of value between two getJSON functi... +1.16
Can't filter object out of array -1.61
AJAX forms partially works -2.92
Assign multiple functions to a same class/element using Jquery? +3.91
How to use class from blade template? -3.24