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1541.62 (11,043rd)
7,430 (21,450th)
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Title Δ
Trouble Understanding How to Set Bits 0.00
Strict atoi/strtol function -0.08
Extend the dimensions of a 2D array in eclipse using C programming 0.00
Functions and Pointer help: Program builds but Crashes without any... 0.00
Why do I keep getting the same random number for player and computer? 0.00
What does Antimonotonicity and monotonicity constraint mean? 0.00
Checking if a string is a palindrome - when I compile the program s... +1.87
IPC using fork() and pipe() -0.23
pthread conditional wait in c +0.11
Addition between Integer and Float.... resulting in a Zero 0.00
Swap alternate bytes in a integer +1.37
C Program Array more than 1 word -0.56
PORTB of PIC18F452 not working 0.00
Errors while fixing errors in C 0.00
make: *** [clean] Error 1 and No rule to make target errors 0.00
Why do I get an 0xCCCCCCCC error after allocating memory for the st... +2.14
How to pipe output to another program in C, using read +0.45
Displaying an Array, sorting with pointers, then displaying the ori... -0.30
a is a double, printf("%d", a); works differently in IA32... -1.79
C Programming - Two for loops to recursion +1.33
k&r exercise 2-6 "setbits" 0.00
Converting a big integer to decimal string +1.35
First element disappearing using Linked Lists in C -0.05
Getting a MySQL Query to save as a global Variable is C +0.47
C function to get data from a MySQL Database and store as a variable +0.44
How can I get a variable in C to be used in a MySQL Query 0.00
C dynamic allocated pointer to main function 0.00
Do while loop giving unexpected output 0.00
How to extract more value from one variable 0.00
What characters are there past end of file? -2.11
Second Largest Number (of 3/4 numbers) using Ternary Operator in C? -0.05
C : Insert/get element in/from void array 0.00
Assigning multiple integers separated by comma to an int in C - Why... -0.81
Simple nested for loops not working correctly in C (2D array initia... +0.07
C - Passing pointer to byte -0.10
questions about file stream and buffer in C 0.00
Segmentation Fault in call to free() +0.46
changing dimensionality of allocated memory in c +1.37
Changing samplerate and byterate of a wav file without encountering... -0.04
C: Glitch?: Sort function NOT working on LINUX (RHEL 6.6), but MAC... 0.00
Swap function returning a number that is not in my array 0.00
unexpected freeze while handling input -2.33
Why the change in pointers doesn't change the acccess to array? -1.91
Writing structs into a file C 0.00
Serialize struct to byte array with pointer as struct member +1.30
Print File name to stdout +1.36
ATtiny85 digital "on" output fails to deliver 5 V 0.00
C and SDL in Ubuntu not working as intended 0.00
Generic Function Of Stuct Declaration +0.29
Bit wise operators +1.54