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1498.84 (3,721,296th)
25,866 (4,930th)
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Title Δ
Increment function isnt working properly- Can't find the error... +0.30
error when passing array into a method 0.00
Java, looping twice with the same input 0.00
Counting Elements -0.46
Thread Java application +0.50
Efficient way to build a key using two strings in java? -0.87
I have to create a Binary Expression tree that stores the expressio... +2.18
Parsing array of objects into a function 0.00
Stuck on output error in java -0.44
Java: byte[] bit shift operation into short 0.00
Loop the variables from another class -1.38
How to know that a List has a particular index? -0.74
How to search efficently retrun all the values for keys which are i... -0.69
Java Recursion. Counting occurrences 0.00
Java Array binary search - negative output, don't want to sort -0.00
Add a second class to the main class for an annual compensation cal... +0.17
Switch statement on a user inputted variable without knowing it'... -0.81
Symmetric tree algorithm -0.03
Finding the sum of common elements between n number of arrays in java +0.52
add together the numbers -1.23
Java : Creating chunks of List for processing -0.68
what is the meaning of :MyInterfaceA<MyinterfaceB> myvariable... 0.00
Fraction class returns strings instead of solved fraction -1.06
thread "main" java.lang.Array Index Out Of Bounds Excepti... -0.12
How first letters of each word in a string phrase can be converted... +1.19
Multiply 2D arrays ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException? (Java) 0.00
How to use a method in java to store information from an arraylist -0.19
How to scan a string in java and then concate it with other string? +0.49
Calling Methods in Main Class and Other Class Differences in Java -0.83
java: check if an object's attribute exists in HashMap values -0.03
Accessing static object without creating an instance of the class c... -1.72
similar values in hashmap and arraylist 0.00
Java diamond with for statement with different letters -0.50
Why can't we declare fields as public inside main method in Java? +0.39
App is laggy when switching tabs in tablayout 0.00
How to split the list and execute parallelly using java 0.00
Object is null set in Defalut add Card in Arraylist -0.01
difference between arraylist = arraylist and arraylist.addAll(array... -0.60
Comparing Arrays for common integer -0.21
Getting NullPointerException while adding element to ArrayList +0.47
Java: method return type as array error -0.35
how do i compare each character of a same string using a for loop? +0.24
Trouble with parsing and "doing math" with numbers (A sim... -0.30
Optimizing arrayRotateLeft method +0.68
I get an identifier expected error. Why? +1.02
Java - passing in a list of string to a hashmap's value +0.51
Random number generator without replacement? +1.41
How to swap using different data types +0.24
How to parse different types of parameter in one method -0.69
TreeMap.get() return Null even key exists +0.72