An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1713.45 (96th)
97,530 (764th)
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Title Δ
ASP.NET Core HtmlAgilityPack Encoding errors +0.23
How to get Class name that is calling my method? +0.60
Best way to find similar elements in big array 0.00
Async&Await IL Code +0.84
Does .NET have a way to sort a list between bounds? 0.00
Split input string and form comma separated outputs -1.94
C# TCP/IP message is being changed 0.00
C# .Net How to Encode URL space with %20 instead of + 0.00
strange encoded mp3 file in xml need help to get it back 0.00
Can't unescape scraped HTML document +0.23
Is it possible to do ps -aux with .net core c#? 0.00
How to get JSON Objects Out - C# +0.23
RESTful service and JSON array -0.02
Iterating enum getting name and value 0.00
Calling Windows Form Show() method using reflection crash 0.00
NET webbrowser - get HTML element ID by clicking on image +0.99
Json to C# double datatype value returing 0 0.00
How to set referrer to HtmlWeb in HtmlAgilityPack 0.00
JSON to object C# (mapping complex API response to C# object) +0.23
Checking for null values if element does not exist -2.92
Cannot deserialize JSON array into type 'RootObject' 0.00
Sort list of objects using natural sort +1.21
C# linq XML DeepCompare and tag removal 0.00
HTML Agility pack why does not the HTML page get to string? 0.00
Get body text from an HttpWebRequest object? 0.00
C# Thread UI is getting blocked | Possible reason WebRequest.Create? +0.22
C# - How to decode UTF-8 String to Normal Strings or Emoji (SOLVED) +0.21
Serializing C# DateTime to JSON date with JSON.NET 0.00
List of similar objects - invoke different method for each element 0.00
Deserializing nested json with invalid variable names 0.00
How to parse specific line in a text file in c# +0.15
How to replace "\" and "\\" for only a specific... +0.25
C# Extract json array of objects using with Newtonsoft.Json 0.00
How to test wcf service method that takes input as stream from REST... 0.00
How to accept TCP stream from client (video stream)? 0.00
C# Regular Expression and Replace on part of the match +0.89
Deserializing JSON in .net with incremental integer 0.00
How to remove node from Xdocument without specifying full name of t... 0.00
Deserialize XML to Object Using Class Decorators ([XmlElement]) 0.00
How To Properly Deserialize XML Attributes and Arrays? +0.40
C# - Create class to received list from HTTP Post response (XML) +0.22
Cant join to multicast group c# -0.27
Is the SemaphoreSlim usage correct in the below code context? Will... +0.21
Parse Json data into Custom Object C# 0.00
Why JsonConvert.DeserializeObject returning null value? 0.00
Deseriaize Json from WebAPI using HttpClient 0.00
API returns valid JSON in code, but invalid JSON in browser +0.22
extract string between 2 special strings 0.00
Scrape html located directly below div 0.00
c# delete line from textbox, and remove blank line 0.00