An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Neil Thompson

1462.97 (4,526,691st)
5,432 (30,336th)
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Title Δ
How can I host ASP.NET API and Blazor Web Assembly like an JavaScri... -1.88
interactive area is much smaller than the visible area of a filled... 0.00
Customer email using .online tld is being rejected +2.77
How to setup web app connection so that I can run them locally in I... 0.00
ASP.NET MVC Razor form to EF Create form with file upload +2.33
Azure WebJobs SDK ErrorTrigger 0.00
Azure WebJobs - multiple jobs different scheduling times in one dep... -0.45
Azure sql query is slow when an indexed column used in where clause... -0.44
Remove link for test web apps 0.00
Intermittent 'Error 403 - This web app is stopped' +0.55
AzureWebsites cookie issues affecting login 0.00
Download word document from MySQL database using php +0.02
Database design to support several different applications 0.00 mvc helper syntax +0.05
how to create web app back ups in windows azure 0.00
Json forming using c# +0.06
From Sql Database to Azure Storage Emulator +0.56
My: Server Error in '/' Application 0.00
Does a continuous Azure web job restart after being swapped to a ne... 0.00
Webjob Errors since move to Azure Sql v12 0.00
Calling an async method from the browser -1.03
Entity Framework TPT Inheritance Subtypes 0.00
azure website deployment slot refuses new connection string 0.00
Azure blob storage download file instead of opening in the browser 0.00
Error: Cannot get Azure subscription ID and thumbprint. Failed in N... -0.44
JSON data into html table -0.11
Web API controller with two PUT methods throw an InvalidOperationEx... 0.00
404.html, ASP.NET MVC root directory +0.56
sqlCacheDependency for Azure Blobs 0.00
Strategy for Data Access Layer development that escalates from sqli... +0.06
What is the difference between the System.Web.Mvc Namespace and the... 0.00
Updgrade from .NET Framework 4.0 to 4.5 +1.42
Azure blob storage security options in MVC +0.55
MVC4 - Server cannot set status after HTTP headers have been sent 0.00
Install application to client when the installer is located in web... 0.00
Prevent web.config inheritance to a specific application in IIS 0.00
CheckboxFor is always null 0.00
Cookie not allowing multiple key/value pairs 0.00
How to resolve the "A connection attempt failed" while se... 0.00
Disable HTTP verb restrictions in ASP.NET WebAPI applications 0.00
400 Error when checking if website is valid with HttpWebRequest and... 0.00
If you are using Entity Framework, how to do you use the EF Model c... 0.00
how to reduce in multiple try catch +0.05
Efficient way to upload files +0.24
How could User info be passed from UnitTest to controller? 0.00
Limit access to an Azure site to only the VPN connected computers 0.00
MVC - How to best implement Many-To-Many relationship to TPT Derive... 0.00
Making a branch equal to another branch +1.54
Ideas on triggering an update on my database when hosted on azure 0.00
Knockout js values not binded -1.33