An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Z. Kosanovic

1523.95 (25,284th)
118 (646,093rd)
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Title Δ
Net/http Simple Dynamic Routes +3.81
Is go's net.Close() idempotent? 0.00
Add an object into JSON array with Go 0.00
How can I set null value as default to struct +6.42
Import local package that's already in public repo 0.00
How do you implement specific behavior for a Mockery function 0.00
Do I need to free pointer 0.00
go2go.playground - expected type, found 'type' (and 1 more... +3.57
Go2 map from one type to another 0.00
Empty result when unmarshalling XML into struct 0.00
Golang append slice to a slice of slice, then the slice will always... 0.00
Remove an interface item from a slice +4.44
scala BigDecimal Gson json formatting 0.00
I don't understand why matcher.find() always return false 0.00
How can I modify the server/client to take the port number and/or h... 0.00
How to view all of the directories/files in a Git-Stash? +1.77
How to convert java.util.random to an int +3.95