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1570.10 (4,032nd)
56,183 (1,706th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to animate extension popup opening? 0.00
Chrome extension closes when I click on the page 0.00
Google Chrome Extension: how to add icon inside address bar? 0.00
Chrome extension gives following error "This extension may hav... 0.00
Remove a data from 0.00
Unable to publish the chrome extension to public +0.40
Whitelist a CORS policy for a browser extension? 0.00
Can Discord Bot send a message on a channel to everyone 0.00
Custom Roles on join with enmap -0.62
I want to make interval message discord bot +0.39
why does chrome.runtime.lastError not enter 0.00
Inject JS only on specific tab on Chrome Extension 0.00
Chrome extension: How to send message from background to content sc... 0.00
Is it possible to switch on/off the extension from the popup withou... -0.60
Chrome extension browser action only works once 0.00
Simplest Way to get the current Tab Id? 0.00
how to set multiple Content Security Policies in a chrome extension... 0.00
Can we get windows user details in chrome extension? 0.00
Chrome Web Store traffic - how can I see a detailed split by traffi... 0.00
Is there a certain page I should be fetching my API data from withi... +0.40
How to apply filter on 0.00
How to send a message from background *only* to popup without a tabId 0.00
Run browser toolbar button using jquery or javascript 0.00
Limit Firefox extension on specific browser versions 0.00
Chrome Extension Window Creation Error: Cannot read property 'c... 0.00
Problems accessing Google extension function from another extension 0.00
Where is "Chrome PDF viewer" extension "mhjfbmdgcfjb... 0.00
Can I take a message using runtime.onMessage within a function that... 0.00
How can I add multiple icons to a Chrome tab? +0.39
chrome ext many loads on update page 0.00
Identify the bookmarks toolbar folder (Firefox Webextension) +0.40
Does Firefox allow extensions to bypass a normal web page's CSP? 0.00
Nodemailing using variables to send an email with a Javascript Disc... 0.00
How to debug event listener in background.js in Chrome extension 0.00
Open options page from content-script on button click? 0.00
Does tensorflow need GPU -0.60
Chrome extension asks to turn on Sync despite of using local storage 0.00
Should I set lastError to null manually? 0.00
Chrome app This application is not supported on this computer 0.00
why Google hangouts support sharing desktop without Chrome Extensio... 0.00
How to listen to http requests in a Chrome extension and how to set... 0.00
chrome-extension://${id}/nhc.htm#url=${url} 0.00
Changing Chrome account using Extension API 0.00
Chrome Extensions: More than one page created 0.00
Chrome Extensions global keyboard listeners 0.00
Extension Chrome.Proxy, Only Proxy To Some of Website 0.00
Can a chrome extension monitor secure cookies for a permitted domai... 0.00
Call two functions with context menu onclick -0.61
How to change active tab url in chrome extension 0.00
Where are the context menu options defined? 0.00