An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1483.97 (4,477,870th)
772 (191,790th)
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Title Δ
Python re finding string between underscore and ext -2.65
Serialize a vector of floats -3.23
Windows.h - Notification when focus enters a text input +2.08
How can i copy the visual content of a window and put it on a new w... -1.80
Avoid truncation of Labels in a ListView 0.00
Template issue with vector -3.82
C++ (2012 Express) CString Issues +0.06
OpenMP atomic _mm_add_pd +1.79
Are there any problems with this foreach macro implementation -2.60
Overloading operators : const vs non-const return type : any differ... -3.32
What is the most efficient method of orthogonally rotating a device... 0.00
C++/Win32 deprecated string functions: mbstowcs, wcstombs, safe or... +3.87
Making Programs With Tabs +3.83
SetBkMode(hdc, TRANSPARENT) doesn't work +0.32
Converting file in UTF-8 to UTF-16 +0.21
Determining the y placement of a character for rendering text +1.62
C++ Setting Speed of While Loop per Second -2.56
Intercept all WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages -4.28
Drawing enhanced metafile with alpha channel using PlayEnhMetaFile 0.00
Embedding an Internet Explorer control - C++ WinAPI -0.05
How a floating point literal is treated either double or float in V... +5.66
Freehand Drawing on Entire Screen -3.51
How to iterate over unicode characters in C++? -1.67
Get Text from an Edit Control (Pure Win32 API) -2.85
Functions with return values (C++) -3.14