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Erwin Brandstetter

1652.91 (517th)
567,030 (45th)
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Title Δ
PostgreSQL: Convert UUID into OID 0.00
Ambiguous column reference in INSERT ... ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE 0.00
How to pass an array of integers to sql IN() query +0.77
Can PostgreSQL use FOR LOOP in ORDER BY? 0.00
Select minimum value from each 1 hour block 0.00
Counts from another table don't exist yet to filter in WHERE -0.44
Get associated properties as array - where a given property exists +0.29
Indexing a JSONB key in combination with other columns 0.00
Faster search by indexing timestamp column on postgresql? 0.00
How to SELECT TO_CHAR with list {11:00:00,12:00:00} +1.55
Count devices per day in a given date range 0.00
Reverse a column in postgres -2.66
Given a set of IDs, Return the Subset of Orders with only those IDs +1.32
Find if a string is in or not in a database +1.59
Test ARRAY whether it contains ALL or NO elements of given ARRAY +1.79
Conditional update with jsonb_set() 0.00
How to grant EXECUTE permissions for yet to be defined functions 0.00
Keep track of active objects over time +0.30
Dropping Postgres schema inside plpgsql function after RETURN QUERY... 0.00
UPDATE with jsonb_set() only affects one object in nested array 0.00
How to get all data post midnight of different timezone? 0.00
Querying on items returned by STRING_TO_ARRAY 0.00
Table not found when creating Stored Procedure to insert data 0.00
SQL: Updating 2 different columns in table from CTE condition 0.00
How do you test for unmatched tables when using outer join (Many to... +0.99
How can I use WITH together with IF in PL/pgSQL function -0.12
How to shift whole groups in PostgreSQL? +0.29
How to include the first row from the next group in an aggregation? 0.00
Getting counts for overlapping time periods +0.30
How to execute "DROP OWNED BY" only if the user exists? 0.00
PostgreSQL optimize query performance that contains Window function... 0.00
Find the position of a string match +1.95
PostgreSQL. Select a column that correlates with value in the aggre... -1.67
Is it possible to select different rows each time without knowing a... +0.29
SQLAlchemy with_for_update reads stale data 0.00
Trigger to ensure aggregate sum less than a value in a different ta... +1.80
How to exclude rows with similar columns? -1.20
Handling of generate_series() in queries with date or timestamp wit... 0.00
Unify columns from different tables while selecting distinct rows +1.48
Postgres jsonb array join 0.00
Laravel - Calculations returning unexpected results with decimal/nu... 0.00
ERROR: column "int4" specified more than once 0.00
Calculate difference of multiple highest and lowest column values +1.61
How do I use database defaults for input fields? 0.00
Return the row with max value for each group +1.11
Postgres CROSSTAB Query not able to get all the expected Columns -2.49
How to convert sql-text to jsonb-string? 0.00
How to identify rows per group before a certain value gap? +0.75
Postgres: Select multiple columns and compare with array 0.00
How to make conditional LIMIT in SELECT query? 0.00