An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1500.66 (434,917th)
519 (265,344th)
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Title Δ
IF value is in list set value in next column NULL +2.62
JS progress bar color not visible 0.00
Why subsract Date Objects doesn't works +4.05
How does this shorthand of the code work without getElement method... 0.00
Div grow out of bounds if content is too much +0.07
reversing the order of all elements -2.86
Opacity of inline-block -3.20
How to use CSS Top with it's parent element, rather than it'... -3.73
Flex direction not being respected -1.22
How to place image inside div such that it fits completely inside d... +1.78
How to display when closed or open javascript +0.10
Expanding to fill remaining space in a CSS Grid layout +5.43
Scale a div without changing the size and position of its child ele... -1.68
How to make child grow and wrap below first element? +4.06
SQL Server, Group By AND get first result After a Static Status +4.91
Strange behaviour with and javascript array +4.20
Getting results for Top 10 products +2.55
CSS - Resuming normal document flow after absolute positioning an e... 0.00
Selecting common data between two indentical tables with three prim... +4.99
Scrolling List Not Working -1.43
add className on scroll in JavaScript -3.11
HTML/CSS @media Query : The line keeps disappearing -3.89
Format for cell phone without margin -3.46
select the data from any of the four tables -2.65
Ordering items in database 0.00
Load all tables of certain class on successful ajax call -0.80
SQL Server : get value from another table, make calculation and sav... 0.00
HTML CSS how to center select in other column +0.23
Why do I have blank squares for some icons when using font awesome? -3.97
Confused about PHP syntax for inserting variables in SQL query +4.03
SQL table taking 1900-01-01 as a date -4.41
How to Return False When Input Doesn't Same or Empty in JavaScr... -4.02
Creating a div style which shows new div 0.00
Three divs side by side with spacing in between +4.46
header image behind the nav bar +4.42
Can not stick nav to the top.. middle done with flex,and nav won... +4.12
Something in CSS that let content disappear in subfolder? +4.17
CSS shadows are not working as expected +4.14
Javascript refresh time in HTML text box; getElementByID error -3.74
Container shifting up when text is on two lines 0.00
Position fixed relative to a block, not to the viewport -3.33
Update table column based on another table based on ID +1.31
When input[name="status"] is checked and has value 'n... -1.49
How can I avoid "Cannot read property" error when the ele... -1.21
How to hide an image when side menu is open -1.92
Setting same width for select and option 0.00
Why in Chrome and Firefox different element width? -4.13
If a sentence does not fit in a single line, break into a new line... -1.35
How to scale images within a carousel? -1.30
Form adding value from answer twice -4.06