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Andy E

1719.42 (86th)
276,181 (140th)
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Title Δ
Figuring out whether a user really closed the browser or not 0.00
I need to add a third appendchild() inside a dom div 0.00
How to test if Fetch API is available in Web Worker from main frame 0.00
How to express .filter() function recursively in JavaScript? +0.32
use css variable with scss darken and ligthen filter +0.22
document.currentScript is null +0.80
Textbox to accept value 100 and above +0.63
ES6 class setter as a function +1.49
concatenating a comma character to a string 0.00
Javascript remove duplicate values from array of objects +0.68
Dispatching CusrtomEvent always returns true 0.00
getElement 1 and do1, getElement 2 and do2, getElement 3 and do3 -2.96
Javascript 'new' keyword within function 0.00
how to reformat this javascript array? -1.73
Why embedding webpages doesn't work for all sites 0.00
How to set WebSocket Origin Header from Javascript? -2.33
Javascript array element not changing 0.00
How to reload select tag options at the onClick event in Javascript? +0.24
programmatic steps in chrome console in debugging mode 0.00
Execute code in a sandbox, with modules in same context -3.09
Samsung SmartTV get current time +0.24
Merge duplicates in JavaScript Array -0.67
How can I decode this encoded JavaScript file? +0.21
If two elements do not exist, call function. JavaScript +0.59
Passing "extra" arguments to a function stored in a varia... +0.55
How to overcome WhatWG/W3C/Chrome version 33.0.1750.146 "regre... 0.00
Why does the javascript String whitespace character   not... +0.21
How to run Javascript on cscript CMD 0.00
Javascript - window.onunload not working in ie 9/10/11? -0.30
Apply twitter-button javascript only when user clicks it 0.00
JavaScript: Format whole numbers using toLocaleString() 0.00
Not allow a blank character / space in a input form -0.52
How can I wrap each character from a text node in a <li> -0.48
apply active class to menu without using JQuery +0.18
Correct Way to Programatically Trigger Change Event of Casc... 0.00
Use part of regexp result set to make match -0.29
how to get the base url using regex in javascript +0.11
Is it valid to put table element into list element in HTML5? +0.20
Javascript document.location redirect to a wrong url +0.21
even matches lost using match on a regex +0.41
How to remove only html tags in a string using javascript +1.10
Canvas resize throwing off listeners x y -1.55
Prevent tainting properties of the RegExp constructor in JavaScript -0.28
Open Smart-TV Browser from within App 0.00
Space between touch points on IE10 -0.29
setTimeout in javascript within function +0.79
JavaScript - string containing the name of a function 0.00
Adding space between options of select tag in IE browser +0.20
Need workaround for Firefox Date() bug +0.44
display specific div on hover? using css and html only -1.23