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r3mus n0x

1575.14 (3,391st)
2,743 (61,320th)
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Title Δ
best practice - where should const data for the class should be def... 0.00
Why doesn't the `explicit` keyword prevent a `char` from being... 0.00
Using a member function pointer with a template argument -1.06
Problem in passing a method to a new thread +1.31
Why does read() block indefinitely when reading a buffer -0.62
c++ Warning: Clang-Tidy: Repeated branch in conditional chain 0.00
How to extract an element from a specific location of two-dimension... +1.15
The difference between returning by reference and a pointer in a co... -0.37
Overriding a member function with derived type in C++ +1.37
Different behavior between g++ and clang++ in nested classes 0.00
std::variant with forward declaration +0.39
Is all use of templates in C++ metaprogramming? +0.13
can not make sens of this type `void(C::* volatile)(int) const ` us... 0.00
C++ using this to use accessor -0.09
template parameter pack in using 0.00
Do I need to re-initialize epoll_wait's events array? 0.00
Access variadic template structure by its interface +1.95
Casting pointer from a framebuffer to another address 0.00
How to instantiate a class within an C++ implementation file? 0.00
Could someone provide pseudocode for this please? +0.13
How to copy polymorphic object +0.40
How JNI programs can be debugged jointly in IDEA and Visual Studio... 0.00
Calling dlsym() with a NULL handle doesn't return NULL, but rat... -1.84
Define a factory function that returns a pointer to a function crea... -0.11
array to linked list function in C; how to iterate over list to att... 0.00
How to add delays in c++ 0.00
How to call function with T& when i have both T& and T as r... 0.00
Getting VBE Information 0.00
C++ compiler does not check if a method exists in template class +2.37
Invoke a method with a timeout +0.72
How do I analyse the output of this code with the struct -0.35
How to get a value out of a register on the cpu +1.46
Can you deconstruct a parameterized constructor 0.00
Using polymorphism with operator+ overloaded templated class. How t... +0.38
How Do I Unroll a Variadic Template in a Condition? +1.77
Cannot insert and print out linked list 0.00
C - Linked list of hash table keys -2.13
How to tell which derived class object called a base class function 0.00
the terminal process terminated when forwarding reference error 0.00
Initialize your class with constructor which takes std::map as a pa... 0.00
How to initialize a const member variable of a class with a const v... +2.27
Why joining one thread ends up calling multiple threads? +1.44
redirect pipe's read end to a file descriptor +2.20
Modern C++ way to repeat code for set number of times +0.44
A cheap way to create a class that returns string constants to enum... +1.96
typedef function pointer having templatized parameter +1.11
Why is my Code runing under codeblocks but not in VS Studio +0.42
Constructor with template argument deduction executes unexpected 0.00
C++ Properly deallocate multidimensional array with underlying cont... 0.00
c++ passing std::function with custom object as argument in threading +1.52