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1758.23 (28th)
48,187 (2,121st)
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Title Δ
Is MySQL handling null values correctly when count(distinct col1, c... 0.00
Issue with removing rows in excel table 0.00
PHP/SQL Join four tables where two table rely on another 0.00
select where row contains string +2.62
trouble understanding loops pascal 0.00
If inside of foreach always returns false 0.00
"Reverse Join" needed, using mysql +0.10
Update ID column value without auto increment +3.15
mysql - can i differentiate values of same column? -0.01
Unknow column ''first_order' in where clause +3.62
Regex to capture HTTP cookies 0.00
List items from different tables with mySQL +3.64
SQL Sum Calculation Confusion -4.68
Checkbox not working for non-repeated array javascript -4.35
Javascript Regular expression for basic digits with decimal points? -1.76
Nested query with joins via intermediate M:N (MySQL) 0.00
How to properly get all html elements inside a table using regex in... +3.77
Query for daily amount outstanding on all active loans 0.00
regex - match only forward slash and numbers (for date) +3.78
How to select exact related values in join table +3.84
Retrieve whole string from a javascript value variable 0.00
PHP- assign value variable to each answer +3.52
How to encapsule text before and after <span> into another &l... +0.86
Add class to nav if part of url matchs the menu items -1.69
Mysql Like for alias column 0.00
count variables if they exist -0.42
Autopopulate another cell with a specific value from a drop down Liat +4.44
SQL count with having -1.46
How to Obtain the 'id' of '$(this)' in jQuery After... 0.00
jquery Iterate through ID's to hide/show div +3.82
cannot get total sum of item in my cart -1.94
check a checkbox when other specific checkbox is checked is not wor... +3.55
Make <div> visible only in @media print or when Ctrl+P is pre... +1.79
order by budget high to low or low to high +3.81
How to query for rows that link to another row with a specific ID i... +3.88
PHP/HTML: trouble utilizing Explode with data gotten from pulldown... 0.00
SQL inserting multiple lines, object reference not set to an instan... -4.15
SHOW TABLES not returning correct items in array +4.04
Excel VB Count till Change +4.02
Trouble with DATE_FORMAT and STR_TO_TIME with AM/PM +4.03
*SQL Error: Error Code: 1242. Subquery returns more than 1 row +4.08
Hide column in javascript 0.00
MySQL: Select value where date between two dates. If date/value doe... -3.30
How to use URL like GET variable? +3.93
Input data from web form into mysql 0.00
Excel Formula to incorporate: >0 = update, <0 don't update -4.00
Retrieve value of any cell in a column by inserting row number 0.00
Javascript error on mobile - not on desktop 0.00