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1424.65 (4,190,804th)
2,695 (62,374th)
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Title Δ
Converting an array to hash in ruby +0.65
Rails: How to sort by calculated date difference? +2.41
<a href="javascript:void(0);" download>download<... +0.48
Generate Random Numbers Until a certain -1.05
Is there a way to use class method in a module without extend it in... -1.26
How to pass objects from one controller to another controller +0.45
undefined method `collect' for #<ActionController::Parameter... 0.00
How to implement %% to split string like shell in ruby +2.05
How do I create a singular GET path for a resource including helpers? 0.00
Proper syntax for application.scss 0.00
TypeError: no implicit conversion of Pathname into String 0.00
Unable to override RSpec Sysntax module method 0.00
Create an order of a given product and current user in Rails app -0.89
Failing to get an actual copy of nested array of hashes -1.45
What's the "Rails way" to route a "diff" be... -0.41
when does rails looks for Index method and when for show method in... +0.33
How to rollback commit without pushing +0.16
Rails: how do i change values in table from nil to string inside th... -0.46
filter using join model ruby on rails -1.58
Rails - How do you display data from the devise Users table in the... 0.00
Update remote branch to current changes in git +0.11
how to merge the below two if condition? +0.12
Maching N first characters in a regexp +2.01
RAILS - How to return an array translation in I18n zh-CN file 0.00
Test a controller with distinct body and querystring params 0.00
Rails variable data is changing +1.87
Rails - Rspec: test PUT update to actually change Model attributes 0.00
Create a Ruby method that applies an operation on arrays of integers +0.62
Environment variables not working on rails -1.43
Restore master from upstream repo into fork 0.00
Ruby on Rails - How to pass variable inside %w{} 0.00
Group by key in array and get max and average -1.26
Is it possible for this IF statement to be 1 line of code, instead... -1.08
Ruby version not identified on Mac +0.36
Use && ("and") as if in ruby? -0.34
Selecting index from array based on value -1.55
How to make POST request with a file as an attribute? 0.00
How do I get the results of a split returned in the order in which... -1.03
Rails how to find where enum is defined? -0.41
Updating Rails version of an application -0.40
How can I start a Rails console with command line arguments? 0.00
How to find @object and then duplicate @object? -0.48
How to copy two Git repository in same folder 0.00
How to avoid merge commits from Git pull from pushing to remote +3.03
New Object from Subclass +0.04
Rails eager load where field matches the parent's field? +0.61
RSpec request example failing +2.29
Rails + Rspec: How to stub a record so that it's marked as invalid? 0.00
ERROR: nil can't be coerced into Fixnum +0.12
When to use ||= in rails? 0.00