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Rating Stats for

Sebastian Speitel

1544.80 (9,461st)
4,558 (36,447th)
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Title Δ
Typescript - Is there a way to apply a type to a variable via a con... 0.00
Multiple functions on click prevents function with event parameter... -1.70
Javascript : Merge All Array into one +1.93
How to create array from object property in javascript +1.16
javascript return array all properties but 1 property -0.43
JSON parse/stringfy adding extra data +0.43
VueJS Handlebars Property or method s not defined on the instance b... -0.06
How can I handle 204 status with Typescript and fetch? -1.43
How to call a getter of js file whose name is formed during runtime... 0.00
update date.js and remove document.write +0.26
Is it wrong to have an infinite loop inside Vue.js instance in orde... -1.92
Tensorflow.js: expandDims() + cast() issue -1.96
how to convert from import to require in nodejs -0.06
using loop/foreach on args from graphQL's resolvers? 0.00
Is there any way to modify criteria of what values to allow in an A... -0.38
Alternative ways to pick param values from URL using JavaScript 0.00
LokiJS returns null database within module 0.00
How can I ignore filenames starts with dot using JS? 0.00
How to sort items in array in a particular order +1.12
Tensorflow.js, function predict is not defined 0.00
How to return data from post request in Node js? 0.00
ES6 rest parameters arguments example +0.43
How to "duplicate" the content of an array +0.10
How to import specific version of Tensorflow.js? 0.00
How do I prevent my generic * { … } style from overriding parent tag +0.43
Is it possible to run multiple if statements at the same time in va... 0.00
Getting the Value of a Number using this in Javascript +0.44
return subarray of object based on object key in array -1.88
TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of undefined when u... 0.00
response.text() does not contain what i expect +0.15
Destructuring Assignment with objects inside array -0.61
Bug That Hides A Button 0.00
How can I send data by a form without an input field? +0.40
Arguments giving more then 1 word 0.00
Tensorflow.js is there a list of all the identifiers -0.57
Javascript Object get object by property -0.57
Too much ram usage for relatively small neuronal net in @tensorflow... +2.12
nodejs declare array of objects with dynamic size +0.44
Declaring a variable doesnt work unless it equals 0 -2.20
tensorflow.js in webworkers -1.92
How to get the PromiseValue of the return value of tf.toPixels() in... 0.00
problems to figure out how to set dynamic variables to functions li... 0.00
How to use async and await correctly in nodejs? +2.57
Determine Array include value in Another Array +0.23
Writing a Number Classifier Neural Network in Tensorflow.js 0.00
How require works with new at node.js? 0.00
User Array.filter with multiple condition -0.32
Make background snowflake element unclickable +2.58
Score document by array aggregation -2.16
Is there a cross browser event for activate in the browser? 0.00