An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1493.43 (4,328,486th)
131 (605,849th)
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Title Δ
How to define navigation for in-class encapsulated property? -1.35
Disable reminder on an appointment created with EWS 0.00
Select MAX and RIGHT OUTER JOIN -1.21
Cannot import pfx key file - Visual studio 2019 0.00
Get representation of longest string in C# 0.00
Correct Use of the SQL String_Split and Substring function 0.00
"An expression tree may not contain a call or invocation that... 0.00
Insert SP in EF Core 0.00
Select Top 1 vs Unique Id 0.00
SignalR not serializing/deserializing custom DataMember name -3.93
Hive query to get a date within a month range of another date -3.43
How to convert multiple date format strings into datetime in sql? +5.64
SQL Query to concatenate row values based on condition +4.04
How do change the string array in C# +4.17
MSSql - show columns side by side based on another column value +4.80
SQL query - How to increase the salary of employees, without exceed... -3.47
How can I show only one MIN date? 0.00
Keep intentional indentations in Visual Studio 0.00
Entity Framework - Nested Select Query on Selected Entry -3.68
Disable AutoMapper built-in enum mapper -3.95
How can I see point in time rolling five week counts of distinct va... 0.00
How to delete elements from sql database based on a date using c# .... 0.00
Isolating cells with one word in them 0.00
Issue when Using c sockets in c# 0.00
A C# datastructure to hold a KeyValue pair with different identifie... 0.00
Rules on relationships between different SQL tables -3.59
EPPlus - Pivot Table how to show values as % of Grand Total 0.00
How to count all methods on a visual studio solution +4.18
Use Where and SelectMany -4.78
Could someone show me a good factorial code? -0.03
Replacing if else statement with any design pattern or better appro... +0.03