An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1744.72 (44th)
129,227 (487th)
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Title Δ
simplify code with function in AJAX +4.05
JavaScript Object loop +1.29
How can I optimize the if statements in this data feed function? +3.85
Cannot set a global variable equal to a value returned from a Promise +0.24
Resetting Data in an Array If Any Elements Are Equal +0.06
jQuery - not able to consistently access created DOM elements 0.00
Combine two dropdown menus to determine submit button link +0.03
How to check if a string only includes certain characters? 0.00
Get the values from two array without duplicates -3.97
Accurate age calculation in Javascript -3.70
Javascript form validation onclick button no error yet not working... 0.00
Find longest palindrome by reversing substring +1.20
for loop creating columns and rows from an array -2.79
The Google Maps API server rejected your request. Invalid request.... +3.92
Trying to sort object turns into array object 0.00
variable scoping issue inside jquery window.scroll function +2.86
Clear empty arrays from a 2d Array +4.34