An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1757.62 (29th)
92,586 (774th)
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Title Δ
Replace li text using jquery without changing other elements -0.15
python regex for matching "[ab[cd]]fg[hi]]" +0.17
JavaScript prompt() command 0.00
Getter / Setter and Prototype Chain 0.00
js asynchronously using array push() shift() 0.00
using .every to check if items in array are sequential +1.02
Count number of True/False without `.reduce()`,`.filter()` `forEach... +0.63
How to access catch without an error javascript 0.00
string inside my javascript is been truncated if it contain ' 0.00
Shift strings Circular left and right +0.88
Regex: get numbers after a matching pattern with multi lang support +0.36
Time/Space Complexity - How to figure out in this function? +0.68
Variable globally scoped but why function unable to access? +0.18
Call a function starting only with the function name as a string (E... 0.00
Find the script changing an HTML tag's content +0.07
How to detect if values in one array are in the same order as anoth... -0.94
How to clearTimeout so that I can re use the function? -1.34
How Do I Detect/Fallback If The Browser Has No Spread Syntax (... N... 0.00
how to make a JavaScript regexbb look for the absence of an html at... 0.00
Universal String selector for Javascript? 0.00
javascript code on how can I include newLine after .split +0.09
javascript merge array if the inside objects are same +0.51
split by comma if comma not in between brackets while allowing char... -1.11
How to check given string contains some specified special character... +0.89
Can I ignore   when taking the data for a var? 0.00
Is there any proxy method that allows an object to get default prop... 0.00
JavaScript Object.defineProperty doesn't work as expect 0.00
Get Image src with specific class in puppeteer 0.00
How would I remove each Item after clicking the button next to it u... +0.86
Summarise Collection Functionally 0.00
Why is Math.floor(Math.random() * n) better than % n to... 0.00
Getting entries from an array in Node JS 0.00
Extracting the values of a large JSON object into another object -1.45
How do I preventDefault on every object? Only first one worked 0.00
Turning a callback which gets called multiple times into a generato... 0.00
How to insert elements in an array at a particular index in case th... +1.33
How do you define a function of a class in another Javascript file... 0.00
Factory function: why doesn't status variable change to "O... +0.63
Where "null" and "undefined" in array goes whil... +0.80
Counting word occurrences in a string javascript -2.11
check the first character of string and replace it by jquery -0.80
Return a string with swapping every element[0] by element[1] in a s... +0.64
How to combine two array, but take care for no same elements +1.33
How do I check for word pairs in a string? 0.00
how to check a javascript DOMElement against a selector query 0.00
Get random non repeated color -0.56
Is it possible Async Await - Fluent builder approach -1.13
html text without tag +0.19
How to use `onclick` inside javascript string literal 0.00
splitting string into an object JavaScript +0.88