An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1755.61 (35th)
129,227 (487th)
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Title Δ
Submit Javascript Object with Array of Object inside to the API 0.00
Most efficient way for checking the existence of a property 0.00
Regex in Notepad - Keeping text after a double space and removing t... 0.00
TypeError : undefined is not a function Array.reduce 0.00
Apply Positive Lookahead only if Capturing Group was found 0.00
Getting multiple data in multiple functions with callbacks Javascript 0.00
misprinted number in prime function +1.37
JavaScript - Loop through non-repeating values displaying only one... 0.00
Button requiring 2 clicks to work. - Vanilla JavaScript 0.00
Not able to call a function using document.getElementById('pass... -0.29
Javascript / Jquery Submit Form without ID or Class, after page load -2.71
3 Character Long Alphanumeric Regex Not Working 0.00
validate string made up of numbers only separated by whitespace 0.00
Uncaught TypeError: links is not a function at HTMLButtonElement.on... +0.79
Would an js `Number` type add up to Infinity? +1.67
Replaced HTML Won't Persist in DOM 0.00
Adding and Removing Event Listeners Dynamically 0.00
React.js: the most efficient way to pass a parameter to an event ha... +0.72
Javascript: Filter a JSON conditionally based on the value of a key? +0.77
receive values of elements with the same class 0.00
How does Google Sheets override browser shortcuts? 0.00
Format template string to remove whitespace but support indentation 0.00
How to prevent user from executing js function in console 0.00
Check for duplicate links in the DOM 0.00
Exporting Promise API calls for reusing 0.00
Prevent the button from showing the hash symbol and the id name in... 0.00
Transform from string array to hashmap in Lodash -0.66
Regex Substitution from the Selected Regex Group 0.00
Javascript how to see if "$this" contains a certain ID +0.56
Destructure object and reassign to different variable name in one go -0.92
Non captured groups role when repeated? 0.00
Can I use modulo with to insert new line every... 0.00
Prevent repeated '+' character simultaneously on Key Up -0.29
Javascript filter not returning the expected int value -1.02
logging a global variable using var vs let yields different results 0.00
url detect regex 0.00
what's less expensive? Reconstruction of whole HTML table or re... 0.00
Regex pattern doesn't work when ending without a space 0.00
How do I correctly modify multiple elements using Javascript? -1.26
JS´╝îRemoves a specific element from the array that is consecutive th... +0.21
unrecognized expression: input[name +0.21
CSS parsing using python using regex or anything else? 0.00
How to replace numbers with links to numbers +0.84
How to allow string to contain ' in javascript function +0.24
For larger arrays - getting back NaN instead of a number +0.21
REGEX to remove comments and leading/trailing whitespace +0.44
Express await database connection 0.00
How to get Css Background image URL text from relative URL? 0.00
Grouping array object based on values -3.11
how can I convert this regex lookbehind to be js safe? 0.00