An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1521.41 (29,254th)
1,572 (104,566th)
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Title Δ
iOS Detecting installed app on a webpage 0.00
How to search GitHub user with location has space 0.00
How can I use swift in Terminal? +1.05
Splitting array of dates into year and months PHP -0.67
Problems to place the input field at correct position in JQuery -4.03
Javascript order of equation excersices 0.00
Test App in Xcode Crashes on click of a button, but not a switch +3.71
redefinition of ‘main’ ,,, previous definition of ‘main’ was here 0.00
show/hide multiple options in jQuery +0.03
PHP Exported csv file download doesn't start? +2.50
html src regexp iOS +3.68
How to Parse this Google JSON response with PHP? 0.00
jQuery: Get title and href values as variables +3.61
unexpected T_IF error in PHP +4.18
python if--elif-else usage and clarification -2.88
Reload php image (captcha) +4.10
When designing basic sites, should I use PHP? +2.54
Retain dynamic drop down value from php array after submit 0.00
Removing classes from a .html() set variable. Jquery +4.33
Do you have to check whether 'REQUEST_METHOD' exists in the $_SERVE... +4.15
php find number range of array +1.35
PHP variable inside a Javascript function outputs the variable and... -4.22
How do I use a variable to get CSS info on an element? +0.90
Remove first character from string if 0 -3.30
Queuing html functions +4.37
syntax error, unexpected '{' in php +4.95
I need help writing a regular expression for detecting chords -1.37
Saving part of window.location in jquery variable on page load +0.37
Colorize table rows depending of +4.08
How can I make a basic PHP scoreboard? +0.67
Xcode Textfield input won't equal +3.63
HTML TD Clickable +0.17
Releasing NSString object -1.15
go back before .text() is used -0.75
PHP - Deleting an entry from a multidimensional array -1.66
How can I debug (GDB) the 32-bit part of a 64-bit application? 0.00
follow redirects with curl in php -1.80
Getting current Tab/Document in DockPanel Suite 0.00
Need help with PHP and MySQL -3.43
CodeIgniter + encodeURIComponent +0.09
i can do http://pc_name and smb://pc_name... to test my local site... -4.40
Mod Rewrite and PHP +0.55
Jquery Function for skipping to a textbox on keypress +0.22
AppleScript to bath export from QuickTime: Can't get it to export a... -4.14
Retrieve browser and OS in PHP 0.00