An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1457.29 (4,530,110th)
2,168 (77,614th)
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Title Δ
SqlBulkCopy - The given value of type String from the data source c... 0.00
Declaring a DataTable and adding columns outside the method 0.00
How can I determine if local time is adjusted for daylight savings? -1.14
UISearchBar input 2 characters before search button is active on UI... 0.00
Deleted ViewController.h and viewController.m from cocoa project 0.00
Check for updates to a JSON file online and compare it to a local s... -2.73
JodaTime - how can I know whether a daylight saving occurs within a... -3.56
What kind of encoder encodes string like this? -3.58
Are all infinite loops bad? -2.53
NSString containing sql query in objective-c -3.54
NSString trim \n -0.61
Perl script automation: search for certain items in notepad +1.72
Please explain "this" to me -1.89
Best practice accessor : @property @synthetise -3.27
Using Custom Subclass of NS Object in 2 different IBActions +0.99
Is it possible to highlight a NSString or draw some color to a string -3.75
Need to iterate through two arrays of items for comparison without... -0.84
Optimal usage of battery 0.00
Find what versions of iOS an app can run on? +4.29
ArrayOutofBound Exception not caught +0.39
Can tests be written for selenium rc with VB.Net? 0.00
Animate screen while loading textures -1.80
c stack smashing detected +1.34
Save a POST Request to Core Data when there is No Internet Connection 0.00
comparison of two strings fails -1.39
Hyperlinks in iPhone/iPad app -1.88
UIWebView won't goBack after loading HTML in iOS 0.00
How to get the collection of Excel Sheet's first rows column data (... +0.22
Is that possible to replace two similar member functions with a tem... -3.77
What Android version to target? -3.94
how to logout from facebook through an alertview button in iphone 0.00
How do I pop two views at once from a navigation controller? -4.02
java casting with superclass reference -1.99
why won't "toByteArray()" execute? -4.56
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 0.00
Check if View has been Removed or Not? -0.89
Add tableview in scrollview with table scrolling disabled in Iphone 0.00
All (or Mostly) Encompassing Mobile Device Emulator 0.00
An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its ac... 0.00
Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies 0.00