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Vaughn Cato

1583.73 (2,566th)
54,475 (1,784th)
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Title Δ
Most 'functional' way to sum pairs of elements from a vecto... -1.10
Making a function template with cv-qualified arguments of this func... 0.00
How to define template selections depends on the parameter class ha... +1.80
Why non-static data members of class cannot be given default values... 0.00
C++ 11 - Pass a reference as a constructor argument for ownership 0.00
template<> for the explicit specialization of a member enumer... 0.00
c++ template recursion double linked list error gcc (but clang++ ac... 0.00
C++: Efficient way to check if elements in a vector are greater tha... 0.00
I believe this is a bug in clang++ related to the access to a class... 0.00
custom linked list creating RtlValidateHeap error with the structur... 0.00
How to use a future without waiting for it? -2.53
Is object slicing dependent on the constructor implementation? 0.00
Deducing class template arguments with a constructor that uses a me... +0.72
why there is no data-race in the following case? +0.15
Why does this code output the same number multiple times? -0.63
Is declaring variable with type inference as effective as "cla... 0.00
Pointer declarations -0.62
rvalue reference binding to an lvalue for std::function types 0.00
DRY way to construct all elements of an array with the same initial... -0.19
C++, error: invalid use of qualified-name 0.00
C++ if one thread writes toggles a bool once done, is it safe to re... -0.34
Issues in perfect forwarding C++ 0.00
cout overwrites some of my pointers 0.00
How much should I leverage strong typing to ensure correctness at c... 0.00
In C++ when can one return a class instance? -1.12
Continue looping after a given iterator position in an std::map +0.37
Why type qualifiers ignored on function return type only in case of... 0.00
Compiler is trying to initialize enum class from int when it shouln... +0.04
Get first N elements of parameter pack +0.17
How to unpack a tuple for looping without being dimension specific +0.38
member function pointer with variadic templates +0.39
Best way to associate 3 things in C++ -0.05
Multiple inheritance and singleton design pattern +0.15
Converting binary to decimal in C++ without using conditionals +1.13
Assigning subobject +0.72
Access an element within a file from within a double for loop? +0.36
Iteration in while loop runs and ends without taking inputs? 0.00
Importing a single class into a namespace appears to require that t... 0.00
std::mt19937 and std::uniform_real_distribution returning boundary... 0.00
Move strings into another string with enough capacity 0.00
Pointer to Member Function [C++] -2.09
Is this typecasting? What is this? +0.14
How do I print the following pattern using 3 for loops instead of 4? +0.90
Why no segfault on null pointer dereference? 0.00
Is there a way to return an abstraction from a function without usi... -1.19
In C++, is A+=B preferable to A=A+B in the same way ++A is to A++? +1.17
How to implement convenient initialization? +1.04
Using a constructor outside of the defining file 0.00
what does nanosleep with zero time value do? -0.11
Dynamic programming: box stacking variation -1.05