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Adam Rosenfield

1697.32 (155th)
338,610 (99th)
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Title Δ
Visual Studio C++: what's creating these threads? +0.25
Forwarding the in and output of a serial link to the stdin and stdo... 0.00
How to correctly pass an argument to a pthread 0.00
Makefile: what does $@~ mean? 0.00
Trouble with os.chroot() +0.24
binascii.unhexlify working differently in Python 3.2 and Python3.4? 0.00
C++ mktime returning random dates -0.11
error: field has incomplete type +0.76
What is the purpose of uItem parameter in InsertMenuItem()? 0.00
os.command giving Attribute error +0.57
C utility to print filenames in current directory (Unix) 0.00
Getting weird result by using %I64u inside Mingw-w64 +0.25
What does <exp+6> mean in gdb? 0.00
What's the best way to deliberately crash my Windows application? 0.00
Win32 - A better way to intercept a window before it is created 0.00
How to print wide character using JNI 0.00
python socket bad request 400 +1.16
Pthreads, fread(), and printf(): Getting random D4's in my string 0.00
Sparse reading of 50gb file +1.07
Leading bad characters 0.00
Why does XCode project crash on curl_global_init? 0.00
Function returns intended value even without the return statement +0.25
C/C++ macro expansion 0.00
Are C pointers causing a triple fault for my home-brew kernels VGA... 0.00
Segmentation fault (core dumped) error for selection sort pointer c... 0.00
How to append an "checkbox" into dialog by using pywin32 0.00
assign `this` to `MyClass *instance`, `instance->member` is not... 0.00
Error when declaring a __block variable, "Undefined symbols fo... 0.00
FILE pointer in C not returning NULL +0.67
What is the name of this Python comparison? +1.28
Convert FILETIME to portable time unit 0.00
CreateFileMapping returns ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE 0.00
Why the int type takes up 8 bytes in BSS section but 4 bytes in DAT... 0.00
Connect to port using TCP with C +0.88
Reasonable amount of data to be send via single send call +0.25
How to discover which files exist in a folder +0.46
Why is libcurl segfaulting on this call to curl_easy_perform()? 0.00
C++: Type casting operator overloading - Visual studio 2013 interna... +0.25
Function pointer in struct args? -0.37
awk/bash quoting: print \ in echo +0.57
mmap causes stack corruption, kernel involved? 0.00
What is the caret symbol (^) and where is it defined? 0.00
Socket Client always connects to localhost -3.04
How does interval comparison work? -2.33
Valid printf() statements in C +0.20
In python, how to capture the stdout from a c++ shared library to a... +0.60
How to compile multiple files in g++ with extern +0.92
O_APPEND flag and lseek +0.24
nc from host -> VM works (port 9050), but VM (running server wri... 0.00
Objective-C: "Hello world" COMPILED! without Foundation h... -1.21