An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1698.30 (136th)
59,318 (1,505th)
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Title Δ
Python keyboard module not working properly inside loop +0.24
Error during the print of nodes in a python binary tree 0.00
Activating window stops the mainloop 0.00
How to change anonymous function variables in Python? 0.00
Problem with the print of a python tree data structure +1.27
Regex Python - Replace any combination of line breaks, tabs, spaces... 0.00
Infinite loop when resizing images +0.68
What does this regex mean: '[%s]{%d,}' % (chars, min_length) 0.00
pynput keyboard.type() interference 0.00
Recursively iterating through nodes referenced by other nodes +1.42
Python if and else +0.26
Regex check if link is to a file -0.43
nesting functions into function 0.00
Separating a part of the strings based on format 0.00
Method which returns the color of a label in Tkinter 0.00
Issue using struct.pack and struct.unpack +1.60
Python 3- Tkinter destroy() not working for dynamic checkbuttons 0.00
How to prevent duplicate values in circular stack? 0.00
Error while creating a menu in Python using TkInter. What am I doin... 0.00
How to convert a list in a string ("[foo]") to a list ([f... +0.24
How to run script with a function? (repeatedly) 0.00
How to decode escape sequence in string written in decimal properly 0.00
Iterate through directory of files as input to modules 0.00
List of functions calling a specific function +0.25
How to unnest (unlevel) unnecessary nested list without changing it... +0.25
Python: How to convert string to list without creating over-arching... 0.00
Filter a string based on binary sequence using itertools.compress +0.93
How not to add delimiter after last element +1.63
Python 2.7: ljust not padding correctly 0.00
How to randomly split a generator into two generators by given ratio? -3.06
Getting line number of return statement +0.79
Joining elements in list until certain element is found and skip it... +0.22
Python "TypeError: '<' not supported between instan... 0.00
Tkinter textbox widget not displaying text correctly 0.00
KeyError: None while reading from JSON file in Python 0.00
substitute substring with a new one calculated from the old one wit... 0.00
Python: match multiple substrings in a string -0.69
json.dumps adding double quotes and backslash 0.00
Remove shared references in list-of-list? +0.79
How do i place a frame in the bottom right corner of my window? 0.00
How to use bind "<Return>" to call a function 0.00
Which operators to overload for Python set to function properly 0.00
Writing a 2-D List to a File, Reading it out and Re-Using saved List +0.43
"ES6-like" Python dict spread -2.11
Better Python Design Pattern when calling same function multiple ti... 0.00
Is there a fast way to save images files on python? 0.00
Is there a way to make a leaderboard with several json files? 0.00
TypeError: 'str' object is not callable 1 +0.25
Why does my Collatz sequence code execute but show error? 0.00
How can I save all information of a python class to binary? 0.00