An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1497.63 (3,839,950th)
332 (372,761st)
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Title Δ
a member of managed class cannot be of a non-managed class type 0.00
Is it possible to copy a binary search tree by only passing a point... 0.00
Printing elements of a tuple 0.00
Do C++ vector and Gtkmm work together perfectly?. Segmentation faul... 0.00
How to find which header is including another header in the include... 0.00
Can't get the sum for the elements in a vector -1.71
c++ Pointer doesn't stay after leaving scope +4.39
Using std::bind 0.00
stop recursion for recursive_directory_operator c++ 0.00
Iterating over a for loop in C++ and comparing the iterator to a ne... -3.01
std::shared_ptr use_count() value +1.02
Memory corruption of wstring data in class placed in external DLL -3.06
Trying to create a union array using only pointers crashes half way... 0.00
Return result by reference in C++ 0.00
figure out pointers and structs 0.00
c++ How to assert char array or not, check if a char array start wi... 0.00
cpp 2D array changes on its own? 0.00
How to get only last field of #x in MACRO(x) #x when x is type.vari... 0.00