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1613.09 (1,273rd)
106,941 (660th)
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Title Δ
Difference between Text("") and Text(verbatim: "&quo... -0.65
What is the difference between CVPixelBufferGetWidth(pixelbuffer) a... 0.00
Why is NSArray mutable when used from Swift? 0.00
Getting a UIImage or CIImage from ARReferenceImage 0.00
Is there a way to add MicroQR barcodes as an AVMetadataObject.Objec... 0.00
Create ARReferenceObject manually from a point cloud 0.00
How to make a 3D model from AVDepthData? 0.00
Load UIImage from PHAsset Image absoluteString Swift 4 -0.15
Can't get AVPortraitEffectsMatte code to work +0.34
Model I/O – How to use `makeVerticesUniqueAndReturnError()` instanc... +1.24
How to point the camera towards a SCNVector3 point below iOS 11 -0.65
ARKit 2.0 – Scanning 3D Object and generating 3D Mesh from it 0.00
How to convert normalized points retrived from VNFaceLandmarkRegion2D 0.00
How to extend a line segment in ARKit 2/SceneView 0.00
ARKit keypoints in image coordinates (2D) 0.00
ARKit World Maps – How To Save/Access Using A Custom UTI File Type? -0.52
Augmented Reality for iOS and swift front facing camera applications -2.79
Place Graphic on Forehead ARFaceGeometry Vertex 0.00
didAddNode vs SceneKit Collision Detection 0.00
SCNPhysicsBody poor performance 0.00
Regional flag emoji support for unicode in Swift -0.01
Rotating around anchor point in SceneKit 0.00
How to turn off/on AR in an augmented reality app using ARkit? 0.00
Understanding 3D object transform property in ARKit 0.00
Creating text / number objects in ARKit -0.17
How to view arobject extension format exported from Apple ARKit 2.0... 0.00
SCNNode irregular Plane from .dae with Video Texture 0.00
How do I interpret a Swift function declaration? +0.32
ARSCNView freezes after adding 12 ARFrame to Array (iOS/Swift) 0.00
What versions of Swift are supported by what versions of Xcode? +0.36
Can I change anchors or move images with ARKit and ARSK View? 0.00
How do you get the UIKit coordinates of an ARKit feature point? 0.00
Performance for retrieving PHAssets with moments 0.00
is it possible to perform ARWorldMap relocalization partially inste... 0.00
NSImage.Name why? -1.75
Access to Photos on iOS(Swift), have to try twice to get picture li... 0.00
What is mean by Screen space in ARKit? +1.22
iOS: Can I get AVMetadataFaceObject for video from gallery? 0.00
ARWorldMappingStatus: how to improve to extending or even mapped? 0.00
How to include & run both Image Tracking Configuration & Wo... 0.00
Is on-device image recognition possible with dynamic images? 0.00
Given two point in a 3d space, how can I find the plane that inters... 0.00
ARKit - getting distance from camera to anchor +0.35
Adding depth data to ARKit 0.00
AR Reference image - The histogram of the image is narrow 0.00
Record video from front facing camera during ARKit ARSession on iPh... 0.00
What does it mean that options) runs asynchronousl... 0.00
Can CATransform3D be used to get eye size dimensions in Face Mesh? 0.00
How to get the lens position on ARKit 1.5 0.00
What are the FPS of the FaceTime Camera for the iPhone 6S vs 7+ vs... 0.00