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Language Lawyer

1524.80 (23,507th)
397 (323,389th)
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Title Δ
An issue about converting a pointer to char to another type pointer 0.00
What do they mean by the expressions "of the same type" h... 0.00
Difference in behaviour between clang and gcc when trying to confus... 0.00
what is the meaning of the phrase "preceding initialization&qu... 0.00
Is a diagnostic required for unused member templates with ill forme... 0.00
Does std::thread::join guarantee writes visibility 0.00
Is it a defect when the base class is a dependent type 0.00
Does the operand of unary* operator expect a prvalue 0.00
Is it UB to access a member by casting an object pointer to `char *... +4.96
Braced functional cast to reference type, a hole in the standard or... 0.00
Is virtual table creation thread safe? -0.01
Can static and dynamic template initialization be interleaved? +4.93
placement new on a class with reference field +3.86
Type alias with same name as type -2.44
Member access control for friend function defined inside class in C++ +4.10
Calling function templates specialized in another translation unit +1.37
Why gcc cannot detect friend class namespace from its forward decla... +3.96
Does T have to be a complete type to be used in `std::declval<T&... +5.03
Is it possible to have UB by default? -1.74
Are pointers to allocated memory outside object's lifetime &quo... 0.00
Initialization order of constant initialized variable with static s... 0.00
What are the name lookup and type simplification rules for trailing... 0.00
Is the compiler allowed to constant-fold a local volatile? 0.00
Is accessing bitfield unions common initial data undefined behavior... 0.00
C++ lifetime of union member -1.84
The last point of potential destruction for the exception object -2.02
Construct an empty object without the default constructor +6.23
Multiple cv-decompositions of a type 0.00
Why is the copy constructor not trivial just because there is a use... +0.48
Why does `polymorphic_allocator` take a `memory_resource` pointer a... 0.00
List-initialization of an array without temporaries - not working i... 0.00
I can't find the issue or pull request in the C++ draft GitHub,... 0.00
Is it possible to call templated user-defined conversion operator w... +3.93
Why is `is_­destructible` defined using `declval<U&>... 0.00
Strict aliasing and binary I/O -2.96
Is this type punning well defined? -4.01
Is reinterpret_cast type punning actually undefined behavior? +0.98