An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1537.57 (12,318th)
1,465 (110,472nd)
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Title Δ
Python dataclass: can you set a default default for fields? 0.00
Check if any key exist from given multiple keys in a given dictionary 0.00
Take first 10 products of two sorted arrays with the smallest sum 0.00
How to resolve a relative path, relative to any directory 0.00
How do I check if a class has been used in another class within the... 0.00
Unknown variable in interval comparison does not raises NameError 0.00
How to get the module name in an exception 0.00
How to name class variables +0.39
How can I check ordering of items in a Python Enum? +1.32
Run for loop for list with diminishing values +0.27
How to implement an interface in a way that is compatible with stat... -0.21
Once packaged, module1 cannot "import module2" from the s... 0.00
How functions are mapped to correct filename in python packages? -1.75
super() method initializes only some parameters 0.00
How to support the `in` operation in python with a class -1.55
type checking for math.isclose() -0.36
Python Class: Singleton or Not Singleton by Passing a Value? -1.00
Alias for argparse choice -2.17
How to save an array of objects to a file in Python 0.00
minimum of last 6 values in a list in python +0.45
Opening two files simultaneously on a "with" context +1.93
Override all class methods at once to do the same thing 0.00
How to deal with long list of return values and not face Indentatio... 0.00
Similarity Measure in Python +1.78
PyCharm weird Type warning -0.01
Iterative type conversion over list of iterables +0.38
Python: how to override type hint on an instance attribute in a sub... +0.46
Applying arithmetic operations on list of numbers without repetitio... +0.00
Get variable from a parent function -0.56
Shortcut for assigning attributes from __init__ 0.00
How to properly combine function and list generator? +1.11
Do mathematical operations on arbitrarily many dictionaries and num... -0.01
How to keep ordered unique items in a size limited structure? +1.21
How to sort Python's PrettyTable integer column correctly 0.00
Python 3 unable to pickle lambda 0.00
Permutation Leetcode 0.00
Python - how do I memoize a partial object? 0.00
Hypothesis - reuse @given between tests 0.00
Passing parameters to fixture 0.00
Finding a penultimate decimal in a string using python and regex +0.61
How to unpack this generator 0.00
Assigning values to custom class 0.00
Using Python textwrap.shorten for string but with bytes width -0.21
PyQt5 focusing on readonly QLineEdit widgets 0.00
Is there a standard docstring format to show what signature is expe... -0.57
mongoDB: Full text query for strings containing single letters in P... 0.00
Why is a `for` loop so much faster to count True values? -1.30
Make flake8 differentiate between undefined functions and star impo... 0.00
Sympy: get a column of a matrix power 0.00
How to simplify sympy vectors? +0.43