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Code Maniac

1551.80 (6,806th)
8,920 (17,359th)
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Title Δ
How to match a verb in any tense in Compromise.js 0.00
react-native(mobX) : How to add a new object to existing object 0.00
Compare array items (items are arrays) if items in same position ar... 0.00
'Can't find variable: clicks' in react-native 0.00
How to create child object inside array on each click in javascript 0.00
Map arrays using union or intersection to produce a third array 0.00
Sort array by date in Javascrpt 0.00
how to get a string which have background-color and color different? 0.00
Javascript Regexp replace multiple strings matching property names... 0.00
how to embed an object in another one 0.00
JavaScript: Use Reduce () to construct a function intersection that... 0.00
Best Practices for mutable | immutable objects 0.00
Getting error while trying to map over array. TypeError: Cannot rea... 0.00
regex only allow few special character and space in string? 0.00
Mapping list of objects distinct 0.00
I have a JSON file with data property which contains objects that c... 0.00
lodash to filter and sort 0.00
Javascript: delete object from array based on value inside object 0.00
How can I merge two objects of different lengths based on the values 0.00
Empty value check by Regular Expression 0.00
Why does inline destructuring as a function argument not work as ex... 0.00
Filter numbers from an array calculator 0.00
Is there a better way to do partial sums of array items in JavaScri... 0.00
How to find a number from a string filed? 0.00
Interesting recursive lambda example 0.00
Better way to write this switch/case in typescript? 0.00
If a function returns an object it cannot act as constructor functi... 0.00
Using filter to return only specific property of the key 0.00
preventing a function to run if form field is left empty with HTML... 0.00
Filter array of object in javascript 0.00
How to get all matches between 2 strings? 0.00
Strip HTML string by remove <p></p> tag and replace it... 0.00
How can a parameter value from a URL be inserted as a variable in a... 0.00
how can I get the results of group 1 of a regex match in java scrip... 0.00
How to fix custome varible background image change 0.00
How can I remove specific elements from a body of text? 0.00
Need to use regex to extract a part of a string 0.00
How to convert minutes to hours and minutes in react 0.00
How should I use map to get back some values of an object when the... 0.00
Iterating over nested array , the es6 way, I have already done usin... 0.00
Regex to match all the digits in a 4-digits number 0.00
Regular Expression with logical AND NOT functionality 0.00
Remove all words in string containing punctuation (R) 0.00
A small question about a custom react modal component 0.00
What is the difference between: t = a and t = [...a] when a is an a... 0.00
Match the word starting with two digits and has at least two alphab... 0.00
How to change specific non-zero values in an array with values of a... 0.00
Why setter with set keyword and function expressed in ES5 throws sy... 0.00
Sort array by custom function in JavaScript 0.00
Delete duplicate value from array of array 0.00