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Code Maniac

1557.99 (5,638th)
8,920 (17,365th)
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Title Δ
Filter and assign object from an array to another object 0.00
Recursive function that flattens an object within an array of objects 0.00
Map object if property is found in another array of objects 0.00
Python regex to match only if `=` is present 0.00
JavaScript Proxy: How to Empty Array Target 0.00
Remove word from string if included in array? 0.00
How to add | after every second number in string 0.00
Replace $n1 - $nx in Javascript 0.00
String Interpolation in Javascript (like Query Binding) 0.00
How in JS to group subarrays by common elements 0.00
How to sort an array of objects with labels according to other arra... 0.00
How to deep compare/match objects in an array, based on an array of... 0.00
How to filter array by array of dynamic objects? 0.00
Regexp expresion for search ip address 0.00
Add property to an array of objects in JavaScript 0.00
Javascript Set has() method behaves differently based on how I'... 0.00
How to cut string after comma and letters befor numbers 0.00
Javascript to detect any wildcard url from certain domain (ex: goog... 0.00
Highlighting A String Based on given indices 0.00
Add 1 to each element using .map 0.00
Deep explanation of the conversion of a simple array into two-dimen... 0.00
Why does javascript ignore the port of an url-string when creating... 0.00
Python regex to replace any characters that are not either letters... 0.00
Get possible sequence from array 0.00
How to get repeated objects in json array in javascript 0.00
Get unique objects from an array of objects when keys are dynamic 0.00
Regular expression check if none empty word is not a specific word 0.00
In React How can I fetch data and render a single object in a state... 0.00
Destructuring an array of objects (es6) 0.00
Array of objects being displayed as [object Object] and not as stri... 0.00
How to regex the beginning and the end of a sentence - python 0.00
What is proper JavaScript IPv4 regex excluding and 255.255.... 0.00
Print only True elements in JSON array 0.00
Javascript export default and import 0.00
Is resolve, reject keyword in javascript? 0.00
get all words starting with @ character +0.98
Match identifiers that aren't already quoted 0.00
How to get value from JSON object +0.96
Wierd behaviour of constructor property of an object -1.40
TypeError: on React Select input control -1.17
Find list of strings that matches a pattern that start with a speci... 0.00
How can I Correctly Parse a Hex Color Code in Python using Regex? -0.31
regex to find words in a sentence with no repeated consecutive char... -1.20
Modify object containing array based on an array which contains an... -0.65
I have written a regex for matching the sub string with spaces arou... +1.09
Switch statement returning undefined -1.62
Splitting a string twice in javascript -0.14
How to replace chars in a string with other chars in a string using... +0.01
JS Regex lookbehind not working in firefox and safari +1.33
How to loop through an array of object to finding key values that i... 0.00