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1580.86 (2,943rd)
18,488 (7,513th)
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Title Δ
Mysql insert with IF condition is it possible? -1.81
Round sum of decimal columns in sql 0.00
SQL query not returning correct output +0.67
SQL: Select inside select? +0.08
Don't want negative result of subtraction in MySQL 0.00
Find rows that have characters other than a plus (+) sign or number... 0.00
MySQL composite foreign key only one column used 0.00
how to resolve this sql question without using window function +0.85
How to Pattern Find with DateTime in Sql Server +1.05
MySQL: Optimize left join on formatted date +1.57
Flyway and PostgreSQL nullable definition of foreign key still gene... 0.00
Show first and last mysql record in group with other attributes 0.00
SQL Difference between two row in group by -0.68
Trying to run a "WHERE IS NOT NULL" query in SQL but rece... 0.00
How to query data in Oracle SQL that gives the max value of a colum... 0.00
No hard coding in where clause in oracle +0.97
Group similar meta_key values and create result set with meta_value... -0.41
regexp_replace only captures first instance 0.00
List to be ordered from most to least; the creator who created the... +1.80
I have a sentinel while loop with if statments inside them, I want... -0.11
SQL adding an int field, and incrementing other fields based on tha... -0.62
constraints that are unique / references columns of another table i... +1.88
Converting an Oracle Query using LIKE to SQL Server Query -0.48
Combine two MySQL tables in PDO and create CSV output 0.00
Subscription Database for Web App: How to Determine the Expiration... 0.00
How to increment column group by an ID Value? -2.49
create a foreign key on a primary key of another table 0.00
mariadb most efficient way to select several columns from a subquery -0.11
How to filter maximum count of occurrence of a value in SQL? +1.98
Postgres - add or subtract rows, depending on column value 0.00
Indexing with joins +0.58
SQL Function Parameter default as select 0.00
How can I speed up a query that uses subqueries in the SELECT to ca... -0.37
Query SQL Server From Specific Time On Previous Date To Specific Ti... -1.71
SQL - ordering table by information from multiple tables -1.73
How to delete data in bulk with multiple conditions in SQL Server -0.35
Linux shell: web-safe variant of a binary RSA signature of base64 0.00
Print each character of a word line by line using a SQL query -1.67
Select from multiple tables with group and join -1.11
I want to remove country code from mobile number using sql query -0.62
How to sum columns in sql -0.62
SQL - Get Nth row based on other variable 0.00
Try/catch function only runs once even with a while loop C# +1.28
How can I detect empty fields in a hash in Perl? +1.93
Getting all previous records of table by date MySQL -1.03
Avoiding double SELECT/INSERT by INSERT'ing placeholder -0.79
Add Column X rows, if Column Y rows match 0.00
find all numbers that appear at least three times consecutively | i... +1.80
How to write Postgres Dynamic SQL statement to evaluate expressions... -2.36
Listing Keys which have same values in SQL 0.00