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1386.87 (4,279,959th)
346 (358,488th)
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Title Δ
How can I move node's text content to attributes area using XSL? +2.25
Why is this xslt copy-of example not returning expected result -1.31
Select various text in the same node and put them to different nodes -1.77
Remove namespace and namespace prefix of element +2.27
Remove space between two string and node in XSLT -1.08
How do I supply attribute values from another XML document using XS... -1.76
Transform xml fields to key / value pairs -3.32
How to fix decimal numbers for amount fields in XSLT 0.00
XSLT: convert XML to JSON creating a group of sub nodes +1.52
Remove line breaks from xml using xslt -0.63
Remove line breaks from xml using xslt -0.63
Why does XSLT template not get applied? +0.13
Preserve the   entity 0.00
XSLT validate CDATA with & character -1.85
Eliminating duplicates from xslt 1.0 -1.48
Eliminating duplicates from xslt 1.0 -1.48
extract the value of an element node via XPath? +1.65
hyperlink <a> title remove using xslt -2.96
Loop through simple xml using xslt -1.89
Tranform xml to xml dynamically by Xslt +1.00
Multiple condition is not executed in xslt 0.00
how to extract child elements seprately from nested tags using xslt +1.19
Need to Eliminate a tag if the value in the field is Null +0.97
Transforming repeated XML elements containing different values usin... -2.19
xslt to remove all the attributes from xml -2.85
How to remove all empty tags from xml using xslt 0.00
I need to split a number into separate digits in xslt +6.13
How to format number using format-number in xslt 0.00
XSLT 1.0 - Move certain elements into a new parent -1.87
xsl 1.0 muenchian sum to sum quantity attribute field per compound... -1.89
Add the namespace in the xml root tag 0.00
XSLT - Missing attributes when grouping the nodes -2.17
sum xml values based on more than one grouping -1.27
why is "xsl:value-of" not working (anymore) and how can I... 0.00
xsl picking text value of following siblings -1.95
merge 2 xml file with xslt -2.94
Reorder XML nodes based on condition in XSLT -1.96
How to convert xml tag using xsl +5.05
How to merge xml nodes with common attribute value -2.85
Removed tags in output xml having no values in input xml by checkin... +0.83
Replace 'new line' in XSLT 0.00
Best way to use for-each inside if in XSLT -2.68
XSLT - XML to HTML trasform - Create nested <div> from one le... -2.29
Xml attribute to individual element 0.00
Issue with XSL script -3.11
How can i "Normalize" very unorganized and "lossy&qu... +1.20
Transform XML - Form a proper record 0.00
Excessive whitespace in text output from XSLT 2.0 transfom -2.78
Create elements dynamically in XSLT +0.76
XML - XSLT - Keeping part of the input XML document +2.96