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1474.49 (4,385,722nd)
639 (221,500th)
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Title Δ
PySpark: how to use `StringIndexer` to do label encoding with the s... 0.00
How to split spark DataFrame into numpy arrays to use them as tenso... 0.00
How to extract certain rows from spark dataframe to create another... 0.00
spark pi example runs but no worker resources allocated 0.00
scala explode method Cartesian product multiple array 0.00
Is there any way to handle time in pyspark? 0.00
Processing a single file with multiple record types in pyspark 0.00
How to get 5 records of column A based on column B in Spark DataFrame 0.00
Pyspark mapping regex 0.00
Merging two df to form one using certain conditions 0.00
How to enforce withColumn to work chronological row after row? 0.00
Check values of org.apache.spark.sql.Row 0.00
Check is anyone of the dataframe columns are empty 0.00
How to create new empty column in Spark by Scala with just column n... 0.00
Masking credit card number using PySpark -0.11
How to find degree of each vertex in graph - RDD Transformation? +0.25
How to apply group by on pyspark dataframe and a transformation on... 0.00
Spark merge rows in one row +1.80
SparkSQL - Extract multiple regex matches (using SQL only) +1.08
Spark: Query for multiple conditions at the same time 0.00
Write code that shows the difference in salaries between the top-pa... 0.00
Finding most common non-null prefix per group in spark +0.17
I want to extract all the entry as list based on the pattern match... -1.91
Q : Dataset<Row> flatmap to empty dataset Spark Java -0.91
How to aggregate values within array in pyspark? -1.29
How to format a number with trailing dash to a negative number in p... 0.00
Handling multiple records in dataframe - Java Spark -2.06
How to convert a DataFrame map column to a struct column? +1.25
How to pair rows in SPARK dataframe based on timestamp range and ro... 0.00
How to map over a Spark Vector? 0.00
Dynamic String Masking in scala -0.46
Add a column to spark dataframe which contains list of all column n... -0.02
Spark: Merging 2 columns of a DataSet into a single column -0.22
remove rows with empty values - Spark Scala 0.00
Merging n rows of a dataframe containing duplicate values -0.03
Filter spark dataframe based on another dataframe columns by conver... -1.64
Concatenate multiple columns with if in spark scala +0.62
error: type mismatch::found :Boolean:: required: org.apache.spark.s... -0.39
Spark Scala - how to compare certain element in one row with anothe... 0.00
how to find string which has number +2.01
How to count record changes for a particular value of a column in a... 0.00
Validate date format in a dataframe column in pyspark 0.00
Join spark dataset using java 0.00
Making test case for scala for array of columns 0.00
fail to use collect RDD 0.00
Summing values across each row as boolean (PySpark) -1.68
Merge Maps in scala dataframe -2.01
Spark + Java - Get Results from a dataset 0.00
how to parallellize this in spark using spark dataset api -1.78
Recommendation - Creating a new dataframe with conditions 0.00