An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1560.79 (5,445th)
2,680 (63,047th)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to get the object located in the coordinates retriev... 0.00
Convert.FromBase64string is throwing invalid Base-64 exception when... 0.00
Is there a way I can create a string out of some text and a paramet... -0.74
async function - first start first end - C# WPF -0.59
How to fix "System.ObjectDisposedException" when closing... -0.76
Is it possible to create view models by out of models created from... -0.56
async parse many strings +0.42
c# Writing an async method that doesn't have an await in it +0.40
How to inherit few properties from base class +0.94
Does StreamWriter.Write block the current thread? -1.40
Aspose.Cells.CellsException - "You are using an evaluation cop... -0.39
Programming EV3 with c# 0.00
How does the C# compiler guarantee conversion success? +1.59
How to Remove elements from one List based another list's eleme... -0.93
Updating progressbar through backgroundworker in method +1.21
RijndaelManaged - Encrypt/Decrypt a Stream in C# +2.19
Does Task.Run(Action) Start a new Thread id there are no more threa... 0.00
String split on dynamic separator -1.37
Error: Unexpected end of stream. Data might be corrupted 0.00
C# Array Indexer -1.38
Parsing string to convert it to Date-Time C# 0.00
Dispatcher.Invoke inside a delegate +2.54
C# check if is a specific time +1.12
Groupby Lambda expression +0.88
How to run a lot of Tasks in batches of smaller size? +0.56
Update values in ConcurrentDictionary<string, Tuple<string, s... -2.79
Parallel.Foreach loop, inconsistent behavior with explicit throw st... 0.00
Expression Bodied Function Members used in get-property -1.67
convert object list to type array and remove null values -2.89
looking for best way for string manipulation -2.60
How to fetch root level node in XML C# +0.61
Async-await: Does the thread run until my await? -4.38
CopyToAsync vs ReadAsStreamAsync for huge request payload +3.87
Performance of IEnumberable +3.46
C# Retrieving a JSON formatted string from inside a JSON formatted... +4.37
If you want to hide the interface member with a better name, you SH... 0.00
Must I use "Using" block in Entity Framework 6 for DbCont... 0.00
What is the "sealed" keyword in C#? 0.00
Linq Overlapped date range checking in single collection +2.76
wait for one function call would finish c# -2.71
c# why is "unsafe" out of range between Application Address +3.56
'Not a valid Base64 String when verifying hashed password +3.60
I am unable to read content from .txt file using StreamReader class... +3.96
"The subprocess making the call can not access this object bec... -0.86
Does LINQ AsParallel() preserve thread safety? 0.00
Using MessageBox when part of an await has ConfigureAwait false +3.50
C# .net Core catch custom Exception +3.71
Force input based on interface -3.39
C# Background Worker to process a List one by one +2.27
How .net framework handles ambiguity methods in multiple inheritanc... 0.00