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1722.83 (74th)
19,632 (6,958th)
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Title Δ
How to apply the regex on pandas dataframe column having string rep... 0.00
combine two lists to one dict with keys and values and transform in... 0.00
Using lambda sort function to sort a tuple of strings by each tuple... 0.00
Differences between append and where in pandas 0.00
Label nonzero neighbour values in 2d array 0.00
Randomnly select numbers from a list with a condition 0.00
How do i sort the following list of dictonaries? 0.00
Issue while splitting pandas dataframe column into n columns 0.00
split() missing 1 required positional argument: 'y' 0.00
creating List within a list in recurrsion from string python -0.53
Create two columns from two different sized columns +0.17
Transform from pandas Series list of dicts to DataFrame +0.22
Replace all elements in a list from list of lists +0.56
How to fill dummy values as a pattern in dataframe? +0.61
Unpacking a List of Pandas DataFrames into Separate Tabular DataFra... +0.84
How to get unique values from a string without removing the delimiter +0.58
Continue series with index incremented as existing series +0.84
Difrerent rows in two numpy arrays +0.22
Search in a dataframe using a list of terms and add a new column wi... -0.78
Sorting a Dataframe based on specified indices -1.03
Filter elements from dictionary of lists 0.00
How to find sublist which present one list not another list in pyth... -0.04
2D Numpy Array indexing by using 2D array 0.00
Check if value exists in a dictionary of dictionaries and get the k... +0.24
changing a 3D list into a 2D list +0.78
pandas Integers to negative integer powers are not allowed 0.00
Manipulate row values of subset dataframe in Pandas +0.20
Remove elements from a tuple conditional on other elements +0.53
How to find all neighbour values near the edge in array? 0.00
Convert list of strings of tuples to list of tuples +1.15
How can I sort a column of strings in pandas dataframe where I forc... +0.22
Need help creating a dictionary with duplicate keys 0.00
How to calculate how many rows left until reach next value? -1.80
How to pad numpy arrays to fixed row number 0.00
How to back fillna only one na value with a specific value -0.76
Return rows in a Pandas dataframe by matching the nth digit of an i... +1.26
How do i append from one list to each item in another list +0.58
Python/Pandas - Given a specific date, find the previous date in th... +0.45
How to find minimum value in a column based on condition in an anot... -1.82
Averaging elements in one array given the values of another +0.22
How to remove the prefix from each element of python list? +0.22
Add 2 spaces at the beggining of the elements in a list +0.45
Elegant way to assign value to a column based on day interval of a... 0.00
Counting items in pandas column of dictionaries +1.19
Appending values to a slice on an np array +0.21
How to append items of a list to specific columns in a dataframe? -2.98
Sort dictionary of lists by key value pairs +1.02
How to create a column displaying last recorded peak value in DataF... +1.25
How to add a new series by combining two series from a dataframe? 0.00
Shift column values with condition 0.00