An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1739.05 (48th)
19,632 (6,959th)
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Title Δ
How to group a column and further group another column based on spe... 0.00
sort with two element in list of tuple in python3 0.00
Creating a 2D array with random numbers WITHOUT NUMPY (Python) 0.00
How to get a key with highest value from a dictionary that is creat... 0.00
Finding the first occurrence in 2 lists in Python 0.00
Find symmetric pairs quickly in numpy 0.00
Numpy array indexing unexpected behavior 0.00
I have two lists, both of same size, I want to convert those two li... 0.00
Adding a column based on the values from another dataframe pandas 0.00
Sort each sublist in a nested list 0.00
How to get float in string? 0.00
Cannot reshape array of size 1980416 to (32,32) 0.00
Replace entire array if value is greater than 0.00
Eliminate duplicated sublists when sublists are uneven in Python 0.00
Problems using count() in boolean indexing 0.00
How to combine objects in a list based on the previous object? 0.00
Mapping row values to other values in the same numpy array 0.00
Remove an element from nested lists with mixed structures (lists an... 0.00
Pandas, remove duplicates by column which duplicate N times 0.00
Pandas : transform a 2D dataframe to a 3D one 0.00
Grouping sublists based on common demoninator 0.00
Is there a way to vectorize counting items' co-occurences in pa... 0.00
Is there any problem to remove all 1's in python? 0.00
make new dataframes from grouped dataframe automatically 0.00
How to set the n smallest values of a 1D DataFrame to a specific va... 0.00
Remove tuples from list that have duplicate key element 0.00
How to remove \n from the string using string module 0.00
Find unique numbers that occur in two different lists 0.00
Python Counting Same Values For Specific Columns +0.20
How flatten semi nested python dictionary 0.00
Rearrange Numpy Matrix 0.00
Pythonic way of replacing nan sub-array with array of same size 0.00
How to add current date with string like '1 hour and 5 second &... 0.00
how to get a dataframe column horizontal 0.00
Join columns and reshape in row -1.22
How to populate a new dataframe containing all the possible combina... +0.68
Python find the common element in lists +0.20
count the occurences of each value inside a tuple in Python +1.05
How to set a number not in submatrix of a matrix +0.20
Fill the data frame from the list of strings with split condition -1.22
Finding the distance to the next higher value in pandas dataframe 0.00
Check if elements in array A belongs to array B +0.20
Getting the last number from a FOR loop +0.59
How to create a 2D numpy array from a block of strings +0.21
Pandas, copy rows whose names are repeated N times +0.08
How to trim value to two places after dot without rounding, python +0.79
creating Dict, how to update when looping +0.72
Chunking list including overlapping intervals -0.02
Grouping elements in list +0.20
Finding count of unique triple in Numpy Ndarray +1.34