An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1636.30 (697th)
13,182 (10,980th)
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Title Δ
How to find the indexes of items in a list of lists (python)? 0.00
How to groupby a column in dataframe which contains a column contai... 0.00
How to make column of ascending numbers consecutive? 0.00
K-means on 3D matrix 0.00
How can I split my dataframe into two rows where two columns have s... 0.00
Adding value of single numpy array to all columns in other numpy ar... 0.00
Splitting arrays depending on unique values in an array 0.00
How to apply a cumulative python function for specific time-periods... 0.00
Need insight into why my Python function isn't doing a proper c... 0.00
Per element multiplication/addition with numpy arrays 0.00
Create repeated increasing sequence based on values in another column 0.00
Compute matrix of sums efficiently 0.00
Choosing non repetitive values in dataframe columns +0.80
How can I convert an array of images to a 2D array in Python -0.43
Getting specific information from a string -0.01
Resize and interpolate ndarray on specific axis 0.00
For loop based on a if statement, error message= The truth value of... +0.29
How to reindex data frame in Pandas? +0.87
How to calculate percentage difference between two data frames with... +1.40
Pandas dataframe - add 'position index' based on condition +1.86
Count the amount of NaNs in each group +1.36
How do I get the frequencies from a signal? 0.00
Get first row of dataframe in Python Pandas based on criteria witho... 0.00
Check, if a variable does not equal to any of the vector's elem... -1.27
Pivot dataframe in Python 0.00
Replace multiple characters in a string +1.53
Dictionary sort by numer of days in month( in keys) in python -0.64
populate row with opposite value of the xth previous row, if condit... +0.43
Keep elements in list of tuples contained in another list +0.63
finding groups that meet a condition in pandas groupby -0.05
Extract certain values from a list +0.87
Get values from list of tuples according to first value +0.92
python fixed array of dynamic strings list +0.33
Sort dictionary by value in python +0.02
counting string switches in a list with groupby +1.42
Reshape dataframe based on column prefixes 0.00
Finding first time value occurs in an array when you don't know... +0.85
Change with NaN if values stuck at a single value over time using P... +1.70
Numpy replace values in array using putmask and indexing 0.00
Optimizing finding matching substring between the two lists by rege... -0.16
Python Numpy find row index of array consisting of 5 values, by sea... -0.22
Split an array into non-decreasing arrays 0.00
Resize array and fill with interpolation 0.00
Creating short and narrow table in python, with lists in columns +0.32
Replace with string if it starts with string in another list 0.00
np.where evaluates 'if-true' even when condition is not met? +0.33
Extract data from list using a delimiter +1.43
Grouping data by bin with np.digitize -0.18
return list with integers and string from list of strings +0.30
Age Range to Age Numerical value(python) 0.00