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Nik Bougalis

1511.91 (58,496th)
9,722 (15,760th)
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Title Δ
CreateThread in DLL Terminating Prematurely 0.00
How to suppress inline function used but never defined warning in g++ -1.73
Is there a way to repeat a loop cycle? -0.52
Scanning all physical memory 0.00
Nested loops causing reduced complexity efficency? +1.90
Composite function in C++ +0.96
Analysis of rippled Code on Github ? Need help, lack of documentati... -0.56
fgetc reads character with value = -1 0.00
C++ Read/Write struct object to a file -0.45
using realloc on pointer returned by global operator new -1.99
How to initiate and change an array as a member variable of a struc... -0.87
Getting unique numbers efficiently? +0.40
Why is std::equal_to useful? +0.95
Why does PSTR type have different behavior on different visual stud... 0.00
Is it possible to fork a process without inherit virtual memory spa... +1.09
Binary Search vs. Linear Search (data structures & algorithms) -1.53
Trying to copy and allocate this pointer to work with a stack but i... -0.05
Undefined reference to 'vtable for -0.55
C++ using TR1 for basic dictionary lookup 0.00
How does this return a reference? -1.76
MFC: Getting Access Violation Error when Using an Object's Memb... 0.00
Showing a Windows Explorer Dialog from a C++ application +0.43
How can I have multiple conditions in a while statement? (c++) -0.68
Why should i use DECLARE_DYNAMIC instead of DECLARE_DYNCREATE? -2.06
Draw on cmd using c++ -1.37
Log(PCTSTR format,...) and Log(PCTSTR text): error C2668 ambiguous... 0.00
BinaryTree Insertion +2.79
What values should I use for hIcon and hIconSm in the WNDCLASSEX st... 0.00
Calloc & realloc: Error in `./a.out': free(): invalid next... +1.08
MessageBox in const function +1.26
How/where is port-forwarding needed to establish a server-client co... 0.00
Printing out bytes of a byte buffer to console output stream in hex... +1.91
Error: no match for 'operator>>' in 'std::cin +0.14
Why variables set in a function are lost? +1.09
How to implement switch with distinct cases? +0.37
What is the difference between * and *& in C++? -0.25
std::count over variable string counting variable string 0.00
Why am i a getting little green dashes and a green box in my code i... 0.00
Can't print Fibonacci series +0.13
C++, not in order combination of array elements -0.21
MFC/Activex and fire it's evnet after waitforsingleobject -0.29
Segmentation Fault 11, bad variable? 0.00
How to exit recursion in ANSI C +1.17
c++ random number generation not random +1.50
SendMessage c++ +1.48
When would you need a volatile pointer? 0.00
Problems compiling and executing this code in C++ 0.00
c++ operator<< overloading +0.47
Deleting linked objects -0.61
Reverse a string in place in C++ -0.48