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Rating Stats for

Mehrdad Dowlatabadi

1515.58 (40,019th)
829 (178,667th)
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Title Δ
List subset based on element values +3.79
SQL TO LINQ Where In Clause with Max -4.07
Iterating Through Links With Selenium WebDriver w/ C# -0.25
Remove duplicate entries for 2D List in C# -4.18
How to access functions within an object in an arraylist -1.66
How to convert Json file to Dictionary using C#-Unity 0.00
Unity Open/Close doors with bool paramaters 0.00
i have a string str="75,75,83,84" i want remove duplicate... -1.10
Cannot Access Inner Nodes of JSON +3.70
Calculating goal difference in football game LINQ -4.40
c# How put comma after every digit of a long type number separating... +3.83
How to combine two list according to date -1.79
How to choose one right data type from several detected +3.65
How to add a new XmlElement to existing XML in C#? +3.76
Split row into multiple rows while evenly distribute certain values... -4.84
Unable to access a dictionary key by using a loop, I'm getting... -1.69
How do I combine 2 string into 1 string with duplicated string patt... -3.64
How do I add a string array within a string array array in a string... -2.24
Exporting mutiline data into same cell in csv +3.30
How to compare elements in an array in C#? +3.81
Random text masking in c# -3.60
Linq to find all the elements of list1 of string present in list2 o... -2.80
Splitting 1 string with ':' seperator +3.69
How do I group by using anonymous type +3.94
How to convert this SQL query to LINQ or Lambda expression in C#? 0.00
Replace string only when 100% matched +4.25
comparing two lists excluding a particular column in c# -1.78
How to shuffle a substring +4.35
C# linq similar range list 0.00
How do I define that value crosses 0 in C#? +3.47
Model in Partial View Did Not Return Any Data -2.14
Replace usage of unwanted foreach with new query in EF -4.83
How to multiply and sum all numeric children properties in LINQ -0.15
Linq UNION ALL on same DataTable? -1.86
How to get IEnumerable filled with ErrorMessages from ModelState in... +0.50
Pairwise similarity +1.74
merging dictionaries (of same key) which is containing a list in py... +0.38
c# looping through list to pass data to SendGrid template 0.00
Printing dictionary keys based on multiple value conditions -1.15
How to round to specific, predefined numbers? +3.96
Confused about Nested loops Big-O runtime when j=i -0.28
Cannot get value from nested json +0.75
How to iterate multiple labels in a data frame? +3.87
How to find if list instance is available in another list or not? +3.82
Finding multiple unique matches from List<object> where two c... +2.29
Check if element(s) count>0 in Selenium using Linq in C# 0.00
Getting the corresponding cell value for a specific 'string'... +3.97
Optimizing processing of data stored in a flat file +0.11
How to initialize Pickle Counter List a unique ID and store it in a... 0.00
Convert a list of lists to a dictionary -3.10