An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.15 (4,190,781st)
4,808 (34,412th)
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Title Δ
Jinja 2 safe keyword +2.74
Sed doesn't read CSV when saved in Excel 0.00
Bash: Nesting if in a for loop -0.06
Create SQL query that gets data from several tables WHEN ID is in o... 0.00
Get Content-Type of requested url in php 0.00
mysql/php - Determine where the data is from 0.00
How to delete a paragraph as quickly as possible +0.96
How to display some content only for some time or some days 0.00
Bash: awk returning space after result 0.00
Is speed of file opening/reading language dependent? +0.60
Match all cases between string and comma using Regex +0.60
select all records that have a certain date: easier way? -0.12
What is the most efficient way to store a list in a relational data... +0.56
jQuery, Create multiple instances of div using custom attributes +0.61
mysql check columns? +0.71
How do I add SQL to my website 0.00
Event programming with PHP and MySQL -0.37
Combine SQL query +0.55
sed - append to next line using command line +1.05
Can I display all the cookies I set in PHP? +0.60
Python If Statement 0.00
MySQL return first row of a joined table +0.77
How to download a file from server with a button click +0.12
Import csv files containing data with commas into MySQL +0.63
Check if a checkbox is checked in JS +0.15
Python program that wont terminate +0.62
php preg_match var length count? 0.00
How do I convert this bash loop to python? -1.49
how to reference elements in CSS or JS files for fastest parsing? +1.54
Is it possible to use && and set a variable on same line? +1.87
Using get_file_contents to get info from a page? +0.48
Django : Project consuming data from REST API, How to use external... -0.37
PHP how to Push an array to a value in another array (multidimensio... -0.30
Mysql top 2 events query +0.10
How can I script a 'shutdown -r 1' and return an exit status? +0.11
Bash job control - Can you terminate second command on list without... +2.50
multiple='multiple' for <select> is not working 0.00
Difference between bash pid and $$ +2.63
Writing a single query for mutliple queries with same where conditi... +0.02
Combining and eliminating keys value pairs in array +0.06
mysql count group by having -0.92
Database design for list of US Senators in MySQL +0.69
Python - Need advice +0.71
Finding the label preceding the longest line in a file -0.26
Array return in PHP -1.50
SQL Syntax Error / Query +0.17
alternate php redirection method that works with output preceding it -0.54
How to write this kind of a query in mysql? +0.63
serial port communication in linux OS +2.15
OS X Get info via Terminal 0.00