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1636.42 (762nd)
2,271 (74,158th)
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Title Δ
Regex for excluding files with specific pattern +0.30
What is the correct way of grabbing an inner string in regular expr... -1.27
how to refer to text contents of a cell as separate values in excel 0.00
How to use Excel or Google Sheets COUNTUNIQUEIFS where the unique c... +1.21
What is the regex to match alphanumeric 6 character words, separate... -0.14
Remove everything before and after a word that begins with "@&... 0.00
Regular expression in python to add a dot after a single letter in... +1.07
Why Regex patter matching null values +0.28
Within a string, how to check whether the previous character ahead... -0.26
Capture [A-Z0-9]{6} - but only if it's not \d{6} +2.55
How to split a string with a separator that is not preceded by a ch... 0.00
How to Exclude Empty String in Countifs +1.38
Search substring in a list and give all the matching results comma... +0.32
Count number of Excel columns with value (do not count blank columns) +1.24
Unique Filter with several OR and AND conditions +0.20
Regex to exclude a range of numbers -0.09
How can I count the appearance # of a word (not total appearances)? -1.15
Replace characters only in headings +0.53
How to create a regular expression in node js? 0.00
Group results together at top of column without blanks 0.00
How to create regex where there can be specific char between charac... 0.00
what is the wrong with this formula always get this error in the th... +2.20
How can I make the following regex also match -0.81
Cant Get formula to enter blank cells at end of column 0.00
Add character after regex match if match is enclosed with space chars 0.00
Excel 365 - Search table return true for each row +0.82
How to maintain true Blank Cells when copying a column -0.91
Excel COUNTIF with multiple criteria and both row and column 0.00
Excel #value error passing result of dynamic array formula to anoth... 0.00
Excel automatically converting 7 digit CAS number to another number... -0.75
Extract name of lowest values excel +1.19
Regex that selects the first numbers to appear, in a loop -1.58
Custom number (price) format independent of localization +1.29
= text() formula only working when I press enter 0.00
Regex for matching a pattern which only needs to start with a valid... -1.44
Using YEAR function in MAXIFS criteria in excel 0.00
How do I sum a column based on multiple sets of OR criteria? -1.94
Filtering two columns: keep all the rows associated to one ID if ex... +1.31
Resulting array is the subtraction of two arrays in Excel +1.34
How to delete spaces between two words? +0.32
Add Together a Set of Numbers using LAMBDA Recursion in Excel 0.00
Regex to ignore capture start and end of sentence, but ignore the m... 0.00
How to extract dates from string? 0.00
Search function within another search function in Excel -2.70
Regex for only positive decimals from 0 to 1 upto 2 decimal digits... -1.49
Regex to extend ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 to non-English speaking countries +1.93
Regex for a permutation of exactly 7 digits and 2 hyphens, without... -1.09
Excel - Extract first letters in a delimited string +0.78
How can I return unique values horizontally on Excel 0.00
I just want to get numerical values with regex through the text +0.17