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Umair Abid

1501.61 (387,952nd)
905 (168,152nd)
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Title Δ
Method reduce javascript +0.94
how to deal with [.map is not a function] 0.00
I am trying to add an object to a nested array I have stored in my... +4.05
math difference between 2 key-value objects js -2.27
Convert Uppercase to Lowercase from Input with redux in react native 0.00
How to tell if a reference is released in JavaScript -1.50
Cannot access array elements outside loop 0.00
Why is value set in input value is of type string only? +4.19
Promise reject - timeout logging placement -2.16
Typescript factory class results in missing properties +0.33
setInterval function for elements overlapping while transitioning, 0.00
Unable to render filtered array values in react UI -1.97
How do I start js app from another js app? +4.03
Simulate keypress while mapping data inside input field +4.13
React: Mutating state through setTimeout return wrong results 0.00
How to add string to all list items in a ul using javascript? -3.60
Wildcard Filter Array of Objects - Javascript -2.11
Why doesn't reassigning a super method result in that reassigne... -3.25
How to find what range a given number falls using Object +1.14
Reduce objects and nested objects : javascript -1.45
How to upload a file along with text using fetch in react native? 0.00
How to fix problem close drpdown when i click outside it +1.98
Remove everything from string after the second - with a single line... -1.34
How to send only one array value(without two value)? 0.00
Turn a forEach function into a reduce function -1.94
Create a recursive function that takes a flat array and converts to... +4.32
Javascript Map Data that matches variable value -2.15
How to prevent removing node after dragging from "react-sortab... 0.00
How to sum jquery map values -4.18
how to dynamically add element property +1.18
How to run a function from a link created in javascript +3.89
vuejs mounted is called even if component was not loaded via v-if -2.02
Throwing to Promise.all([]) catch block if each promise already has... +0.19
convert array of objects into object of objects properties from array -3.34
stop the timer created and save the time -0.05
How to embed a for-loop in a table in JavaScript? +1.85
Php Webservices: Get Multiple Records from MySQL and encode it in J... 0.00
How can i create an animated Real Time Leaderboard Table? +3.88
Cannot access member of an object via pointer 0.00
Function returns undefinded object 0.00
Prompt user for email when signup with facebook and removed access... +0.10
Rails API returning password can't be blank with has_secure_pas... +3.99
mmenu search to trigger website (global) search 0.00
Javascript save variable outside of program 0.00
Array of objects with custom keys +0.23
How to loop over images in my app 0.00
calculate particular position of an array in javascript es5 -1.26
Getting images from wordpress post and showing through Javascript 0.00
How can i access the main component from not its child? reactjs -2.76
How does one pass a prop as null in react? -1.41