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Arioch 'The

1453.21 (4,531,701st)
12,967 (11,207th)
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Title Δ
How to create warning message in trigger? +0.88
Update database based on user input +0.56
Length of SQL CHAR column is always at maximum regardless of content +2.57
How to exclude rows with double values in a SELECT statement 0.00
How to optimize SQL delete query with subselect for Firebird? 0.00
How to grant a user SELECT on a restricting view in Firebird +2.92
Unknown token in SQL select where statement +0.76
Accessing Windows located Firebird Database from Docker contained D... 0.00
How to cast varchar on update? 0.00
TExcelApplication component not found (legacy conversion) 0.00
Should I use ID in every table and why should I create join table i... -1.72
Why does this expression cause a SQL error? +1.27
How to create a trigger to send email +0.54
Unable to select from table starting with "@" in Python fdb 0.00
Merging multiple related firebird select procedure using If else or... 0.00
How to inspect nbak state of a Firebird database 0.00
How to trace service firebird 0.00
Rebuild sql query to sum date from two tables +0.58
Allow Null only if another column has a particular value -0.54
count the number of days of current month from day 1 until yesterday -0.06
Assigning variable in SQL editor context in Firebird +0.93
Reason why am I getting results querying a column with Data actuall... 0.00
How can I get the next generator value if my table has no records? +0.57
How to decode this hexadecimal blob? 0.00
How create a CASE INSENSITIVE database also using latin characteres? 0.00
SQL script, STOCK returning same results -1.74
order by case alphabetical ordering 0.00
SQL error: BCD overflow caused by too many coalesce 0.00
Firebird - Calculate time difference between two rows +0.93
JOINing a "LIST" table with a "SPAN" table +0.34
How to get total unused pages from firebird nbackup 0.00
How to REVOKE ROLE GRANTED BY another user on Firebird 2.5.8? 0.00
Query optimization with in (select ...) clause +2.63
How to know if a Firebird 2.0 database is being accessed? +0.78
store select result in variable and use in where condition +0.08
Query time too long using replace on select query +0.57
Grid View not accepting my databind due to retrieved column names,... -1.04
Firebird x32-x64 bits +0.07
How can I modify my sql in firebird with add two dates where each d... 0.00
Display a calendar list select procedure using left join and displa... -0.40
How can I use the IF in Firebird with a stored procedure? -1.08
add column to select statement when having a certain condition +0.54
How to create Firebird database user and grant some privileges to t... 0.00
How to solve that my Python exe is not running on other computer be... +0.92
Firebird error: Attempted update of read-only database +0.59
Sql error while creating tables - Firebird 0.00
How to get data from multiple SELECT statements and store it in the... -0.50
How to fix 'Unable to find record. No key specified'? -0.81
Error when doing anything else than SELECT with node-firebird in El... -0.17
How to define login and password in Firebird based application? +2.96