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1561.88 (5,253rd)
46,133 (2,258th)
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Title Δ
How to get the table name from Spark SQL Query [PySpark]? 0.00
Python: nested try catch handling -0.76
Printing a list after having removed adjacent duplicate elements +1.04
Convert stringified list of dictionaries back to a list of dictiona... -1.68
Frequency of a list of tuples -1.01
How to send http requests to flask server +1.73
Python log(n) complexity -0.34
Do modules have types in Python? -0.36
What do the operators "<>" mean in Python? 0.00
Slicing a range of elements in each sublist? -1.42
Python - First and last character in string must be alpha numeric,... +0.67
Regexing help in python -1.01
regex to set the group length in python +0.39
c++ vector list initializer not working with type converting constr... -0.95
Ambiguity in Multiple Inheritance +0.15
Do I need to call delete to a pointer assigned to another pointer? 0.00
No matching function for call to 'min(uint8_t&, int)' -0.61
"Sorted" function doesn't work in Python task +0.33
How to check whether for loop ends completely in python? -2.15
Creating continues nested for loop 0.00
Python how to call the result of a dictionary and pass the result t... -1.93
Initializing strings in C++ +0.39
Comparing 2 periodical lists and extracting new occurrences +0.70
Can Dictionaries in Python be considered objects from C++ with only... +3.28
Why does creating a list from a generator object take so long? +0.45
Writing function in different way +0.73
Python: Convert list to dictionary with indexes +1.15
removing json items from array if value is duplicate python -1.15
Replacing consecutive symbol with number digit in python using regex +1.34
Python insert item in list maintaining order 0.00
Why am I getting an error of unhashable type:'list' in the... -0.28
Reordering a list to maximize difference of adjacent elements -1.73
Dictionary Retrieve Value and remember Key -0.32
How to find second smallest UNIQUE number in a list? +0.19
Include empty values in a list according to specific positions (Pyt... +0.41
Most frequent values in a dictionary +0.68
How to deal with empty dict value +0.37
swap function output is different from what expected -0.90
What is an elegant way to call one of several (possibly static) mem... +1.29
replace all characters in a string with asterisks -0.51
Determining all sub-vector combinations of a binary vector for a ce... 0.00
Python Swap Function +0.36
searching within a list/dictionary error 0.00
Getting the highest number in ['76 125 94 95 122 96 126 123 124... -0.94
Sorting list per digits in string -2.23
python How to count how many time a word repeats sequential +1.81
Understanding the output using local and global variables of same n... 0.00
How to shift elements of an array with bitwise shift register opera... 0.00
I can save an interval in a variable? 0.00
Python loop through a row of numbers to find the ones which are not... +0.51