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Josh O'Brien

1701.03 (138th)
133,586 (457th)
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Title Δ
R - How to improve color shading of a RasterVis levelplot? 0.00
World map overlay on level plot 0.00
Why file.exists(tempfile()) return FALSE? 0.00
How to makes separate sets from objects in `...` in an R function -1.75
Run a script (or set stringsAsFactors = FALSE) while loading a pack... 0.00
Select field for leaflet color dynamically from a character string 0.00
How to write generic function with two inputs? 0.00
Namespaces and generic functions in R -0.94
How to avoid the NULL output of str() 0.00
Assigning custom week number in R -0.27
How Can I us maxgap with na.fill on an zoo or xts? -0.50
Why do buttons stay on the same row but textInputs do not? 0.00
Hide top x-axis in doubleYScale plot in R 0.00
Parsing and pasting a variable in r 0.00
R Fluidrow/Column Font Size 0.00
Passing in optional arguments to function in r +0.24
Use `rmarkdown::render` in a restricted environment 0.00
Dynamic scoping questions in R +0.23
Why is this naive matrix multiplication faster than base R's? +0.96
Creating conditional (changing) name in a list() in R +0.83
Why does as.character() return an integer on a list of dates? +0.25
How can I generate random real symmetric matrix in R 0.00
Maintaining long number string in R, avoiding scientific notation a... 0.00
What's the difference between substitute and quote in R +0.71
How to work within an environment in R? 0.00
R output not appearing after calling sink() 0.00
Count the number of rows where all columns have identical values +1.20
R - Knit HTML output in wrong directory 0.00
Getting high precision values from qnorm in the tail 0.00
Extracting 'name-values' from raster instead of the 'ID... 0.00
R base graphics legend doesn't consider the order in a factor 0.00
how to perform inverse of raster::rotate 0.00
using rgeos library to merge country polygons 0.00
set precision in writeWKT from rgeos package +0.99
How to convert datetime to first Sunday of the week in R +0.13
cross-parsing in function input parameters 0.00
How to calculate difference from a reference point on a cyclic scale? 0.00
Get a random column from R matrix 0.00
R Shiny: reactiveValues vs reactive +0.91
Faster way to trim a long character vector in R 0.00
Why is the entropy of a uniform distribution lower than repeated va... 0.00
Why does parLapplyLB not actually balance load? 0.00
requireNamespace not loading required function 0.00
how to remove panel title and add points onto lattice plot 0.00
rgdal installation failed on ubuntu 14.04 0.00
R largest/smallest representable numbers +0.24
Lattice plot with both a second x- and a second y-axis? 0.00
How to invert the order of the y-axis labels in a levelplot? 0.00
How to find all the possible k integers which sum of them equals to... +0.80
Change the size of header panel in lattice plot 0.00