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1696.25 (158th)
127,386 (487th)
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Title Δ
Regarding Haskell type classes (Num vs Read) +0.90
how to handle capital case in JSON? +0.93
How to get a particular branch from github +0.24
recommended way to convert Double -> Float in Haskell 0.00
Haskell: check if string is valid number +0.77
Simple arithmetic in Haskell 0.00
Getting type error in function haskell 0.00
Haskell + "Remove a parameter" +0.63
Haskell: Function that converts Char to Word8 +0.26
How to compose writeFile with Either data type? +0.33
How is the complexity of this algorithm logarithmic? +0.25
Function Overloading in Haskell -3.04
Why can't you compare Ints to Nums or Ords? -0.10
How can I divide 24 music albums into 6 playlists such that the run... +0.30
Why doesn't inverse function imply isomorphism -1.22
Apply each function to each element of a list Haskell +0.72
any way to use tail to get the value before the last (or other valu... +0.63
figure out the prime numbers between 0 and 1000? +0.23
Meaning of "closed under composition" +0.26
How can a function be "transparently augmented" in Haskell? +0.23
Compose list of functions in Haskell +0.24
elemIndex in conjunction with splitAt Haskell +0.85
When should I terminate MPI child processes? -0.26
How to use test-framework-th with multiple modules containing tests? 0.00
How would I make a generic sort option SelectOpt for all columns? -0.23
Is pattern matching in Set Comprehensions in Haskell possible, or w... 0.00
How to match a ByteString with a NUL byte? -0.26
git - Commit and push folder then stop tracking +0.25
Haskell: ignore a case or using when +1.67
Setting GHCi prompt inside multiline blocks 0.00
Monadic way for list comprehension +1.12
Representing Integers as Functions (Church Numerals?) -1.89
Grouping by function value into Multimap +1.03
Haskell alternative to long list of pattern matches? +0.86
haskell Convert IO Int to Int System.Random.MWC 0.00
Couldn't match expected type 0.00
Init wrongly taken as an argument 0.00
Aeson: "when expecting a string, encountered an object instead... 0.00
First Persistent example from Yesod book won't compile -- can't fin... 0.00
Partially apply mplus to rewrite function in point-free style +1.46
Vim pasting -- scroll through previously yanked text +0.22
Language.Haskell.Interpreter - how to properly call IO actions? 0.00
my combinations function returns an empty list +0.45
Haskell Pattern Matching Fails on Negative Number +0.76
Haskell, a simple pattern matching gets error +0.55
Storing water in buckets smartly - algorithm suggestions? 0.00
Trouble with getArgs in old Haskell code 0.00
Choice operator in Haskell's parsec library 0.00
Haskell syntax error for where statement -0.66
Is literate programming in Haskell really "literate programmin... 0.00