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1503.17 (323,929th)
6,685 (24,167th)
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Title Δ
HTML5 Video: canPlayType() is not working in safari +4.32
How to submit Jquery ajax function without page refresh? +0.08
Is "PHP" required after "<?"? +0.27
Cakephp save request data according -0.22
php foreach loop insert into two tables -2.73
Unsure about mysql query +2.62
HTML tags in php email -3.10
PHP retrieve data from table row and store to variable +1.93
Email Form and sendmail.php -2.81
If empty variable +4.20
Inserting multiple var values into same mysql table +0.02
detect on change of text box in jquery +0.06
PHP $_POST error Please Help me I am learning PHP -3.51
How to pass form value to multiple pages using PHP? -2.02
when i submit the data, it is not shown in table and show error. af... +4.00
Return mysqli result as array -4.10
Update not working in mysql php -0.46
Simple form not sending data via _POST -4.06
Converting MYSQL time to PHP time 0.00
How to deal with long PHP scripts? -1.64
How to change button text over time in Javascript? +2.56
Cakephp Session value is not getting in IE browser +3.93
How to prevent the default browser input validation? +4.47
Minimise javascript code in html -2.42
Php sort with mysql_fetch_array -2.83
how to play/display video in a directory with html5 -0.10
Trying to hide/show divs on radio button clicks -0.29
Swapping out a class for another in jQuery -2.30
jQuery change class of a div -4.33
HTML form submit to PHP -2.24
jQuery error box is not going while I clicked on it in first time.... +4.28
MySQL Left Join - how to get count of records found in 2nd table +4.07
How to check update is done using php +0.06
How can I find the exact users browser with php -2.04
Calendar shows on icon as well as inline calendar from input box 0.00
Check if php get variable is set to anything? +0.18
Prevent Multiple Clicks in JQuery +2.04
How to get the count of different categories from mysql database wi... -4.20
Issue with using ajax to update without refresh +3.99
Can entire emails be composed and sent with a PHP command? -4.43
force https for certain pages in cakephp 0.00
How can I make a form in php that allows the user to add additional... -2.20
Htmlentities OR htmlspecialchars OR stripslashes? +3.85
PHP_SELF on submit form +2.85
MySQL data can not be updated +2.53
Project questions +4.78
How to set session for a specific user +3.92
how to insert value of an textarea to another textarea with javascr... +4.65
Check if all inputs have value of zero with JS or jQuery +3.45
MySQL update a field with an incrementing variable -3.27