An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1680.07 (245th)
7,962 (19,774th)
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Title Δ
Substitute values in dataframe 0.00
Join 2 identical pandas dataframe into multi level row key 0.00
Python Pandas Sequentially Count Up Occurrences For Unique Pairs in... 0.00
Remove boolean colums with false 0.00
Transforming pandas dataframe : un pivot 0.00
Swapping first and last name and take initials in pandas 0.00
Aggregating using arbitrary precedence in pandas 0.00
Vectorizing code in pandas by avoiding loops 0.00
Fastest/best way to add columns to a pandas dataframe from a dict o... 0.00
Create df column as json of row 0.00
How does df.combine() works? 0.00
How to combine three string columns to one which have Nan values in... 0.00
Pandas remove duplicated rows by multiple criteria 0.00
Pandas - Expand table based on different email with same key from a... 0.00
How would I count all unique values of a dataframe in python withou... 0.00
splitting pyspark column only on first instance 0.00
change specific values in dataframe if one cell in a row is null 0.00
Change values in one dataframe if values appear in another datafram... 0.00
Python :how to merge data using for column with partial values pandas 0.00
Drop boolean rows from dataframe 0.00
PySpark unique group by on greater column 0.00
create nested JSON from Pandas DataFrame with grouped rows as attri... 0.00
Create one row with values from table with data in diagonal only 0.00
Pandas split values of a row into two different rows 0.00
Add N empty rows between each value 0.00
Generate repeating N row number for a PySpark DataFrame 0.00
Better solution for Python Pandas 0.00
get encoded categorical variables in one row rather than multiple r... 0.00
Add value to DF if column value matches value in list of another DF 0.00
Getting variable no of pandas rows w.r.t. a dictionary lookup 0.00
Find nlargest(2) with corresponding value after groupby 0.00
Pandas summary table with zero values 0.00
Pandas drop rows with identical combination of data in different co... 0.00
Exploding dataset with list of symbols and their own occurrences 0.00
Concat columns all but one column into a list in a new column pandas 0.00
Count unique values for each group in multi column with criteria in... 0.00
Create new column showing count of missing values 0.00
how to replace date component of datetime64[ns] -Pandas with anothe... 0.00
Update the column based on two different size dataframe and update... 0.00
Subtracting over a range of columns for two rows in pandas datafram... 0.00
Pandas: How to find values that cross zero? 0.00
Get a list value in a column using as index an int from another col... 0.00
Flexible chaining in Python pandas 0.00
Find the most popular element from a row in Python 0.00
how to add multiple rows in a specified position with modification... 0.00
Pandas - Count consecutive rows with column values greater than a t... 0.00
How to add a new column to pandas from 2 lists based on condition 0.00
How to Update csv with new records with same ID's in python 0.00
I want to add a new DataFrame column based on previous column such... 0.00
Filter pandas index by function 0.00