An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1677.70 (260th)
7,962 (19,831st)
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Title Δ
Remove second last element of a list Pandas Dataframe column +0.26
Find the difference between the max value and 2nd highest value wit... -0.67
Parsing multilevel headers in Pandas -0.11
Renaming multi index in pandas +0.27
change multiindex level: "ValueError: On level 0, code max >... +0.69
Python, Pandas: Compare dataframes and keep old, updated and new on... 0.00
Find index of most recent DateTime in Pandas dataframe -2.73
create new df from existing df in pandas - python -0.64
Rolling subtraction over rows, multiple keys 0.00
Create a new column based on other column values - conditional forw... +1.11
How to do one-hot-encoding based on a combination of two categorica... -1.40
Casting Boolean Values to data frame Pandas +0.27
Explicitly set dummy variables in Python -0.32
Melt multiple columns pandas dataframe based on criteria +0.25
Combining different parts of two rows in a dataframe using Pandas -0.89
Fill column based on subsets of array +1.53
Dictionary to DataFrame in Python +1.21
Why do my values not change after running my function? +1.26
Pandas: How to add one extra column to indicate if there is nan data +0.48
What is an efficient method to multiple each column in PySpark data... -0.20
How to keep the only the top N values in a dataframe +0.30
Count sequence within a column in pandas 0.00
New pandas version: how to groupby all columns with different aggre... 0.00
Rename multiple columns by index using an iterative name in pandas -0.62
Filling Null Values of a Pandas Column with a List 0.00
Pandas check if the sum of two columns within the same group equals 0.00
First element of a repeating sequence in a pandas dataframe 0.00
Sepration of words and count in columns and seperate then in two wo... +0.23
How to loop over multiple panda dataframes with a for loop +0.01
How do I calculate the difference between a day and the correspondi... -1.71
Python: Making dummy variables on a long dataset with multiple reco... 0.00
Pandas dataframe, how can I group by single column and apply sum to... +0.25
How to get rows when specific column value is continous for certain... -1.21
Sum the count of combination of two columns (in both directions) in... 0.00
pandas pivot table where the column contains a string with multiple... -1.71
How to pad 0's in the pandas data frame? 0.00
Re-order Columns In A Data Frame Depending On Conditions Of Values +1.63
How to insert list of values into null values of a column in python? +1.66
swapping 2 rows in a dataframe with the same word pattern 0.00
How to selectively map values into columns of a dataframe? 0.00
Iterate Between Dates Based on Value and Pull forward Quantity from... -0.36
Select immediate smaller/larger values when comparing multiple colu... -1.46
How to get unique lists in a Pandas column of lists -2.03
How to divide one column by another where one dataframe's colum... -1.72
Pandas adding additional values between two row-values in a datafra... 0.00
Filter rows of DataFrame by list of tuples -1.26
Pandas Group By multiple Columns and return sorted list 0.00
In Pandas, how to assign a function manipulating strings on a column? +0.22
merging on pandas: reduce the set of merging variables when match i... 0.00
Comparing dates to range of dates in two dataframes of unequal length 0.00